It should be no secret by now that I love booty-building and all things related! So I’m here to tell you about the humble booty band, one of my favorite glute-building tools, in case you haven’t heard of them before!

I was at the gym yesterday and overheard a couple of friends exchanging work out tips.

One of them happened to mention that she’d been seeing great results since introducing a ‘booty band’ to her exercises. Her friend then replied, “What are booty bands?”

My brain: Huh? Really? She hasn’t heard of booty bands before??


So this post is for anyone who hasn’t come across booty bands before, because: they are awesome, and you will love them!

What Are Booty Bands?

Booty bands are an increasingly popular name used to refer to a small resistance band loop which is used to increase the effectiveness of lower body exercises specifically to target the gluteal muscles.  They are also sometimes referred to as ‘mini bands’, ‘butt bands’ and ‘hip bands’.

They’re usually a wide, flat resistance band loop around 12 or so inches long when sat flat, and they come in a variety of tension strengths.

Here’s what they look like:

These bands have achieved almost a cult status in the past few years as booty workouts and building your own butt has started to become super popular – and with this popularity, the affectionate nickname ‘booty band’ was born.

While there is one particular band which has since trademarked the name “Booty Bands”, it’s a pretty common term to refer to any mini resistance band (or exercise band used specifically to improve targeting those glutes).

Where To Get Mini Resistance ‘Booty’ Bands From

You can get these bands very cheaply online or sometimes fitness/sports stores will stock them.

The easiest way to get these is to buy online, and there are heaps of options out there on Amazon, for instance:

Why You Should Use Booty Bands

Adding these resistance bands to your workout is like getting a free pass to train your glutes. (Well, maybe not free.. let’s roll with heavily discounted instead!)

Basically, by using a mini resistance bands when doing butt exercises, you increase activation of the glute muscles, sometimes quite dramatically!

And this means that your target muscle gets a much better workout, which you’ll feel in the form of a nice, healthy burn.

These type of bands are also one of my top recommendations when learning how to activate your glutes properly .

You’ll also nearly definitely want to invest in some bands if you are just starting out, because they are an excellent tool for helping you to learn how to establish a solid mind-muscle connection with your glutes (which anyone who wants to build a better butt through exercise absolutely must master).

How To Use

If you’re new to using resistance bands when exercising, then please check out this post which explains how to incorporate resistance bands for your glutes into workouts.

Resistance band loops are great because when you start using them, they seriously can give you a really good burn in the glutes.

Remember the age old slogan ‘no pain, no gain’? Well when it comes to working out your booty, it’s true.

A burn in the butt means that you are activating and using your glute muscles – and booty bands are one excellent way to get the burn.

Here are some of my favorite ways to use mini bands for a good glute burn:

Band Walks

Nice and simple, band walks are an easy way to warm up and wake up the glutes. By using a mini resistance band around your ankles, you can simply shuffle back and forth sideways to get a really nice burn in the sides of your butt.

Add a little bit of a squat while you step sideways, and your glutes should definitely be feeling it.


Clamshells are a great exercise commonly prescribed for widening your hips and reducing hip dip, because you can really feel them working into the sides of your butt!  Adding a booty band around the knees is the best way to supercharge this exercise for booty gains.


Adding a booty band when doing squats or even a static squat hold variation is great for getting those upper glutes involved.

By having the band around your knees while you squat, the extra effort you’ll naturally need to exert in order to keep your knees apart will activate your gluteal muscles just perfectly.

Standing Hip Abduction

These ones are also a personal favorite as they work into the hip abductors (read: sides of the butt!).  Of course, adding a resistance band loop around your legs is a great way to load up the exercise and make it more challenging – and therefore more effective.

Other Exercises For Booty Bands

You can do so many exercises with mini bands, there’s plenty of room for experimentation! Here are even more exercises that I like which you can supercharge with a booty band (click the name to see how to do the exercise):

And, if you have a good band that doesn’t roll up, you can even experiment with adding a resistance band to some of the below:


So How Do You Know Which Ones To Buy?

Buyer beware! Sometimes there is a huge difference in quality between different manufacturers when it comes to these resistance bands.

For instance, some offer lifetime guarantees, while others may be more prone to breakage, stretching, snapping, or deterioration (especially if they’re made out of cheap or lower-quality materials).

Some of our favorite good-quality brands which offer lifetime guarantees on their products are the previously mentioned Neeboo Fit resistance band kit and Black Mountain resistance bands.

Usage Considerations

If you plan on using these on bare skin, you might need to be careful of which bands you buy – sometimes the rubber can stretch against the skin and feel uncomfortable.

My most hated thing though, is when they tend to roll up and move around when you are trying to do a move like clamshells (a notorious band roller-upperer move!).

Sometimes a pair of capris, leggings or yoga pants can be the fix here, but even better is that booty band technology seems to be improving.

There are now a whole heap of bands on the market that aren’t the typical ‘giant rubber band’ style. Hopefully this addresses issues like rolling, bunching up, pulling at skin, and stretching out!

For instance:

I’m still yet to test some of these out to see how they perform in terms of comfort, bunching, resistance, durability etc., but when I do I’ll definitely be writing about it for you guys! (So stay tuned!)

“Booty Bands” are a different type of band than your typical rubber mini band. They have an outer material layer and the resistance provided generally seems much stronger.

Edit: I’ve since tested out Booty Bands™  and have to say that they are way different than your typical rubber-type mini band! Apart from being a LOT stronger, they don’t seem to stretch as much. If you’re interested, be sure to read my detailed review of Booty Bands™ . I’m also happy to report that they stay in place when doing clamshells – yay!








What Are Booty Bands? (Your Glutes Will Love Them)

3 thoughts on “What Are Booty Bands? (Your Glutes Will Love Them)

  • February 6, 2018 at 6:39 pm

    Hey! I bought Victorem bands from Amazon, one is green and the shortest, one is pink and a bit longer and one is blue, the longest. I have no idea which one is which as far as resistance, and there’s nothing in the package that tells me. Can you help? I’m using these for 80 day obsession, a Beachbody program.


    • February 8, 2018 at 1:32 am

      Hi Michelle!

      From your description, it sounds like you got these bands, right?

      I’m pretty sure that the smaller loop (pink) is the most difficult, and the longest blue one would be the easiest. That’s how my Booty Bands are anyway, being a similar product I assume it would be the same! You should also be able to test them out to confirm – just have a go of doing say, 5 reps of the same exercise (like seated band abductions) with each band, and see which one feels more difficult (I know for my Booty Bands there is a very noticeable difference between the easy and hard bands!).

      Good luck with 80 day obsession, would love to hear about your experience with it!

  • March 30, 2018 at 3:10 am

    Love this! I had been using the rubber ones for aggesss but I hated the rolling, snapping and pinching.
    I have been using material resistance bands for my squats etc and then been using a really weird (but soooo effective) band for targetting my glutes. It’s BootyCo Band on Amazon. It doesn’t break, has good stretch and it comes with a huge number of workouts for the butt. I’m on day 25 now and my butt is looking sooo much perkier.


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