Best butt exercises #9 fire hydrants
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Welcome to another episode of Best Butt Exercises! Well another week has flown by, but I hope you have been working your butt out during the past week, especially leading up to the holiday season where weight gain and getting out of shape can be all too easy if you’re not careful!

Luckily, if you’ve found your way here you’re obviously thinking of your body, and I commend you highly for joining me today! This butt exercise is a great one to perform at home, and seriously isolates those hard-to-reach muscles in the butt to give excellent results. It’s just one way to counteract that usual holiday slovenliness and start working your way towards a bangin’ beach body for the new year!

Like the clamshell exercise, this butt exercise is great for opening up the hips and you’ll need to engage the glutes to perform this external rotation. It’s a great exercise to increase hip mobility which is often one of the first movements to suffer as we age.

Exercise: Fire Hydrants
Muscles worked: Glutes, Core, Hip mobility
Jolie Recommends: 20 reps per side for 2 sets
Difficulty rating: 2
Effectiveness rating: 6

What’s With The Name?

I hear you. Let’s face it, any exercise named after an apparently random object requires a bit of explanation.

It’s actually not all that weird though, and once you see how to perform this exercise, you’ll understand exactly why these are called ‘Fire Hydrants’.

It’s actually got less to do with the fire hydrant itself, and more to do with the image that you might see when a dog (of the male variety) has to answer to nature’s call and there just so happens to be a fire hydrant nearby.

Visualizing the ‘Fire Hydrant’ Butt Exercise

Yes, this will be what you are supposed to look like when performing this exercise (you, by they way, are the spotty dalmatian in the picture below). You’ll be ‘cocking’ your leg up just like a dog marking it’s territory, but of course for you, there’s no need to take it any further than just the initial movement please!

Fire hydrant butt exercise
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Best Butt Exercise #9: Fire Hydrants

To get into the starting position you’ll need to be in a crawling position on all fours on the floor, with knees directly below hips and your hands directly below your shoulders.

Engage your core muscles so that your spine is in a neutral position, neither arched or hunched excessively.

Dog peeing fire hydrant butt exercise
photo credit: Peter Gasston via photopin cc

Keeping the right leg bent 90 degrees at the knee, rotate at the hip in order to lift your outer right thigh up in an arcing motion out to the right side of your body. You want to aim to get your thigh parallel with the ground (out at 90 degrees to your supporting left leg), however, this can require some flexibility.

Most people have a limited range of motion in their hip joints, so this is not only a great hip-opener and mobility exercise, it also works the butt and core stabilizing muscles.

Squeeze the glutes to hold your leg in the cocked position for 1 second or more, and then lower back down.

Repeat with the other leg.

Keeping your hips stacked vertically on top of each other, hinge at the hip to bring the knee of your top leg up, opening your legs like a clamshell.

Keep the heels touching each other, and squeeze the glutes to drive the movement. It’s very important not to let your pelvis roll backwards as you raise your upper leg.

Use your free arm and place your hand on your upper glutes, so you can feel the glute muscles working throughout the exercise. This kind of ‘palpating’ for muscles working can actually increase the amount of muscle recruitment and activation.

Common Mistakes

A common error with this exercise is to lean over to one side or twist the torso to try and lift the leg higher. This is particularly common in those who might be less flexible.

You want to keep balanced pressure in your right and left hands, and try to keep your torso and hips as steady as possible. Try to isolate the movement to only your leg.

Another common compensation is for people to bend at the elbow (twisting the torso to counteract poor hip flexibility). Keep the elbows locked out and your arms straight.

If you find that you have less flexibility and can’t get your leg up as high, then just bring it to as high as possible while keeping good form. You will improve with practice.

Here’s a video demonstration of this butt exercise so you can see how it’s done.

 Perfecting Your Form

  • Keep the core tight and abdominal muscles engaged, throughout the exercise. Your spine should be in a neutral position – neither arched or hunched.
  • Keep balanced pressure in the right and left hands. Don’t lean over to either side.
  • Both elbows should be locked out straight.
  • When lifting your leg, don’t let the torso or butt sway over to the side. The movement should come from the hip and be carried out by the butt.
  • Slow and controlled movements work best, with a pause at the top to squeeze and activate the glutes.

Reppin’ It

Keep perfect form when doing this exercise and you’ll feel it in your glutes. Try doing 20 reps per side, take a short break and come back for a second set of 20 reps. Don’t forget to perform this one with a slow and focused tempo, and remember to pause and squeeze that butt at the top of the movement!

You can take this one to the next level by lifting the leg up and holding for 5 -10 seconds per rep for that extra bit of butt-burn!

Best Butt Exercises: Fire Hydrants

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