Hello butt-building friends! If you’re reading this you want a better looking butt. You’re in the right place.

This guide is a no-nonsense, practical guide to improving the look of your rear. We’ll cover the basics such as getting specific on your goals, then move on to strategy, timing, and I’ll even throw in a few bonus tips on what you can do to get some quick wins!

Let’s get into it.

Setting The Goal

I know, I know. Your goal is a better butt; but, what exactly do you define as a better butt? (try saying that 5 times fast!)

You’ve got to get specific. Everyone’s definition of the ideal butt is different.

What’s Your Butt Goal?

Here are some ideas to help you get clearer… do you want:

As you can see, some of the above are very different, and even completely opposite in some cases!

I’d suggest picking from the list above, or come up with your own goal. I will say this though – some of you out there might have read the above list and picked off 3,4, maybe even 5 or more of the listed items. While there might be several ‘problem areas’ that you’re keen to improve, I highly recommend limiting yourself down to one main goal for now. 

Once you achieve that goal, you can then move on to the next one. Trust me, there is a lot of power in focusing on one thing at a time.

Set a Deadline!

Now that you know what you want – or at least what direction you want to head towards – it’s time to set a timeframe.

When do you think you could realistically achieve some tangible results by? A common mistake most people make is not setting a time target.

This tends to work best if you choose a date that is not too soon, but also not too far. I like to aim for about a month, if I’m just starting something new. If your goal might take more time than this, try seeing if you can break down your progress to the overall goal into smaller steps. For example, if your goal is to get a bigger butt (and this typically takes a longer time to achieve/see results), you might try setting a goal of sticking to a butt building exercise schedule for 1 month straight.

Once you reach that goal of sticking to an exercise schedule for a month, you set another goal a similar time distance away – and one that will ensure you continue to make progress to your overall goal of getting a bigger butt. Your month 2 goal might be to increase the weights you’ve been working with by 20% over the month for example.

Write it Down

I love setting goals and intentions, but I have found that I’m easily distracted! If you’re anything like me, I recommend writing it down on paper. This will help you remember what you’re trying to achieve, and also keep you accountable! Write down your goal and then, read it every day, or at least a couple of times a week.

If you can get someone to help hold you accountable too, that will multiply your chances of success!

Strategy – The How

Once you’re crystal clear on your butt goal, it’s time to make a solid plan on how to get there.

Working Out Your Butt-Improving Blueprint

The specifics are going to depend on what your particular goal is, but I’ll keep it general for this guide.

You are going to need to set up a strategy to stay consistent to what you want to achieve, and review your actions and progress often.

Here’s what I recommend:

  • For your goal, research some proven methods on how other people have overcome that problem/achieved that goal
  • Look at what they did, and pick a strategy that you can copy to achieve the same results
  • Break up your strategy into time blocks – how many days a week do you need to take action, and for how long, with whom, and where?
  • List down specifically what you need to do for each block. Make these outcome-oriented.
  • Start small and scale up! Often in the beginning it’s about just setting up a habit. This could be insanely miniscule – like putting on running shoes, with no actual requirement to do anything else after that (though often you might continue on to do more since you already made the initial step). As you rack up successes (simply putting on your running shoes each day for a week), you can then step up the action step (e.g. from putting on the running shoes, to walking to your mailbox). Building on tiny actions each week can lead to bigger changes than you’d imagine!
  • Make sure the strategy is actually going to work for you!  Consider your lifestyle, available time and resources. There’s no sense trying to hit the gym for an hour each day if you literally do not have any free time and have never been able to keep up with going to the gym in the past.
  • Set aside a specific time at least once each week to review your previous week’s performance, and plan for the upcoming week. What went well? What didn’t go so well? How can you improve/change if things weren’t working?
  • Read your goal every morning, and visualize yourself having already achieved it
  • The above should hopefully be inspiring/exciting enough to kick your butt into action and do what you need to do each day – which should be outlined clearly in your strategy plan!

How To Stick With It

If you’ve planned your strategy using some of the tips I outlined above, hopefully you’ll be building micro-habits that will set you up for success. Habits are the key to making a change become permanent (and easy, because habits, once they are ingrained, are typically automatic).

So aim for small habit changes. Build on small successes. Instead of trying to create a big, drastic change (though you totally can try that if you want), it can sometimes be more beneficial to just gradually work your way up to bigger things.

One mindset hack that can be super helpful is this:

Try just becoming 1% better or making 1% progress each day. That’s a tiny amount, but over time it will and does stack up!

Quick Wins

I invite you to also consider trying to get some quick wins under your belt. This will help keep you motivated, as often ‘better butt’ goals can seem arduous and very distant.

The secret is to try and secure some instant fixes that will make you feel inspired by simulating the future results.

For example, if you want to move towards a different shaped butt, could you try playing around with things like shapewear or butt padded underwear to give yourself a taste of what your butt might look like once your reach your goal?


Getting a better butt (or anything in life, for that matter) isn’t some locked-away secret. It’s very simple – know what you want, get a strategy that will get you there, follow it consistently, and adjust if it’s not working.

I hope this guide has given you some ideas on how to get your best butt. I know it’s been pretty general, but the same steps really do apply to all butt goals.

If you have a specific goal for your butt that you need help planning towards, let me know in the comments below! I would love to write up a post for some specific butt goals if that is helpful for anyone!

How To Actually Get A Better Butt – A Practical Guide
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