Is your butt frowning instead of smiling?

What? Butts have expressions now?

Well yes, they do in my eyes. You know that line where the base of your butt meets the back of your thigh? Okay, so the technical name for it is the infragluteal fold, but it’s easier to remember as the ‘butt smile line’. If you’ll extend your imagination a little bit, you’ll see how a saggy butt can easily lose its smile! In this state, you’re probably highly likely to fail the butt pencil test if you were to take it. However, if you want to know how to firm a saggy butt, look no further! You’re in good hands here.

What Causes a Saggy Butt?

The dreaded sag. You used to be pimping that butt, but it seems like the years got away and now you’re left with nothing but sagginess when you look in the mirror. Is that you?

What went wrong? Well, one of the main causes for sagging of the butt is one we can’t help much – age. As we age our connective tissues become less elastic, so your supporting skin will lose its ability to ‘hold everything together’ so to speak. You may see gravity starting to take its toll when this occurs.

sagAnother cause of a sagging butt for the ladies is age-related hormonal profile changes. The hormone oestrogen is responsible for your feminine curves, causing fat to be stored on the butt and thighs, where it belongs! However, when we age oestrogen decreases and a decrease in this hormone can lead to fat storage being relocated to the midsection rather than the butt. Your result? An expanding waistline and saggy butt.

Finally, a sagging butt (not to mention a whole host of other postural issues) can be caused by weak glute muscles. Glutes are underdeveloped in most people, and if you’ve got weak muscles, it can let everything just ‘hang’. If you want a firm butt, you must strengthen these muscles so they can hold everything tight and in-place, as they were designed to do!

How Can I Firm Up a Sagging Butt?

It is possible to create a ‘lifted’ appearance from a sagging butt through exercise which focuses on building muscle mass in the glutes. This will round out your butt and boost up the area in general.

If you’ve noticed, most saggy butts are also lacking in the booty department as well. Flatt, saggy butts are common on skinny people, and it’s not the greatest look.

Fortunately, there is something you can do about it.

Follow some effective booty-building exercises to build mass in your butt, or you can get even better results by following something like the 30-day butt lift program listed on my challenges page.

Another good place to begin is to check out all the butt-focused workout and exercise programs I have reviewed here. More muscle mass will not only ‘fill out’ your rear, but you’ll also have the added benefit of tighter muscles lifting up the rest of the butt and sticking it to gravity once and for all.

If you’re in desperate need of a quick-fix solution, butt-enhancing underwear can also give you an instant lift without much time or effort exerted.

How Long Do I Need to Spend on Butt Exercises to See a Difference?

Even setting aside just 10 minutes 3-5 times a week can really help you firm up a saggy butt, especially if you haven’t been doing any real exercise for your glutes at the moment.

If you’re just getting started, I’d recommend checking out the 30 day butt lift program. It’s beginner friendly, free and fun as well, workouts are only a short 10 minutes a day!


What are your biggest problems with your butt? Is it sagging due to aging? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

How to Firm a Saggy Butt – Turn that Butt Frown Upside Down!
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