yoga-358718_640The title of this post makes me laugh, because it reminds me of my thoughts about going to the gym for the first time. My internal thought process went something like this: I should sign up to a gym to start training, but I don’t want to look like a newbie. Okay, in two weeks time, maybe I’ll be ready to go to the gym if I start training today in preparation to even show my face at the gym to start gym training! Catch 22 much? To make your butt look good in yoga pants, you might run into something similar – you might need to do some ‘pre-training’ first, and what better way to get an awesome yoga butt, than by doing – you guessed it – yoga?

What’s the Big Deal With Yoga Pants, Anyway?

Being a female, I’m not entirely sure that I’ll ever be able to understand fully why yoga pants are so highly lauded by males the world over, but I like to think that I can still appreciate a fine butt! Yoga pants are bordering on an obsession for some now, and if you don’t believe me then check out websites like (be warned, there are some seductive images on there!) multiple pinterest groups, and reddit pages devoted solely to girls in yoga pants.

Okay, so most of these might be due to guys drooling over chicks in yoga pants, but let’s face it – yoga pants can be flattering and if you’ve got it, why not flaunt it?

For the rest of us, maybe it’s just because they are so comfortable that we love them! Whatever your reason, I think we’ll all agree that yoga pants are pretty awesome.

How to Make Your Butt Look Good in Your Yoga Pants

If you ask most guys, they’ll probably think that any female butt looks good in yoga pants. However, if you’re a bit self-conscious about how you look in yoga pants then you can still do a little bit of work to make sure you’re looking fab when you don your workout gear.

Choose a Style to Flatter Your Butt

When you choose your yoga pants, make sure you choose a style and color that looks good with your shape. While I haven’t seen any stripey yoga pants yet, this does kind of relate to the ‘horizontal stripes are fattening, vertical stripes are slimming’ kind of argument. If you are a bit bigger and want to create the illusion of a slimmer shape, then don’t go for fluorescent/highly patterned or generally ‘out there’ prints. Instead try going with darker colors like black so as not to draw too much attention to your butt straight away.

Choose a Material Type that Helps, not Hinders!

There are different types of yoga pants out there, some with different types of fabrics. If you are a bit flabby around the butt and thighs, then you’ll find that a thicker, more elastic type material (as opposed to a thinner cotton material which doesn’t retain its shape as well) will help your look by providing some compression and creating a nice illusion of tightness. I think it’s one of the reasons we love yoga pants – because this makes for a good look!

And the Final Way to Make Your Butt Look Good in Yoga Pants…

Start Blasting Your Butt with Yoga Moves!

They don’t call them yoga butts for no reason. This definition from Urban Dictionary says it all:

yoga butt urban dictionary

How to get one? By practicing yoga. Try these kick-ass moves to build an awesome yoga butt that’ll have you looking fab in your yoga pants in no time.

Make Your Butt Look Good in Yoga Pants… By Doing Yoga!
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