home workoutsAn awesome butt is not just for those who have a gym membership. You’ll be happy to know that it’s very possible to get a better butt through exercises that can be performed in the comfort of your own home. Pick any of the below butt workouts for women at home, choose either 1 each day or take a rest day in between.

Most of these can be performed at home with minimal to no equipment.

But, if you struggle with putting together a workout for yourself and need a little more guidance, check out this post where I  review the best butt-building workout and exercise programs that I’ve found so far. Sometimes it’s just easier with a bit of instruction!

Yoga Butt Workout

These yoga poses are all great for the glutes, especially if you want to get a good looking yoga butt that you will just want to show off everywhere:

If you don’t have time to do the yoga butt workout found in that post, then try a combination of the below moves in any order, holding for at least 5 full, deep breaths, or as long as you feel is necessary in the pose.

If you’re a yoga lover, check out my previous article for a full list  (with pictures) of the best yoga moves for your glutes.

The Lying Down Butt Workout

This butt workout can not only be performed at home, but you can do it all lying down! What’s your excuse again?

Resistance Band Butt Workout

This is a simple yet effective workout that uses resistance bands for building the glutes.

Wrap a loop resistance band around both feet, and stand with feet wide apart – a little over hip width. There should be tension on the band. If not, use a smaller looped band, or tie a knot in the band loop to shorten it.

Simply step side to side, keeping the feet wide enough so that there is constant pressure exerted by the muscles to keep the feet apart, working against the band.

Repeat this for 5 minutes – you’ll get a great cardio workout, and will feel this one burning on the sides of your butt (the gluteus medius). Nice round booty, here we come!

Squat Challenge

The 30 Day squat challenge requires no special equipment and can be performed at home. Make sure you spend the extra bit of time at the beginning to ensure your form is spot on in order to see the best results.

Bodyweight Butt Workout

If you’re working out at home one of the main hurdles that many women come up against is not having any weights for resistance training. however, you can still perform bodyweight exercises that target the glutes and can still be very effective for firming up the butt.

The 7-day butt blaster challenge workout routine incorporates both circuit training and bodyweight exercises that will firm up your booty in just 7 days, but you can pick any of the exercises from the program to incorporate into a butt workout that will be both challenging and effective.

Another alternative is to get yourself a copy of the excellent book Strong Curves: A Woman’s Guide To Building a Better Butt and Body, which offers (amongst a myriad of other awesome information!) a 12-week Best Butt Bodyweight program specifically designed to be performed at home and with minimal equipment.

And The Key to an Effective Home Butt Workout is…

Good form and targeted exercises. You wouldn’t bother with bicep curls if you wanted to build your butt right? That’d just be silly.

Applying the same logic, if you want a good butt workout you want to perform those exercises that target the glutes and will give the most glute activation. If you’re stuck for exercises that you’ll actually feel working your booty, then head on over to our Best Butt Exercises page and eat your heart out – we have a collection of the best, most effective butt exercises for your reference.


Butt Workouts for Women at Home
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2 thoughts on “Butt Workouts for Women at Home

  • November 22, 2014 at 8:48 am

    Yoga is hard work. I’m not very good at it, although one or two I’m good at.

    Body weight work out is quite underestimated, even a bit by me because I enjoy lifting things. You can get some hard work done with good technique and really using a lot of tension in your muscles with just your bodyweight. After all it’s the same thing, still moving weight

    • November 22, 2014 at 11:34 am

      Apparently it’s all about time under tension, but anything that challenges your muscles inevitably makes them stronger. A stronger muscle is a bigger muscle, and that’s whats going to give you the shape you’re after!


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