Ready for your Best Butt Exercise of the week? This week, we are all about activating those glutes – something this ‘monster’ exercise will definitely help

Exercise: Resistance Band Monster Walks
Muscles worked: Glutes
Jolie Recommends: 5 steps right, 5 steps left; repeat 5 times with no breaks.
Difficulty rating: 2
Effectiveness rating: 7

While this exercise may not be your weapon of choice if you are trying to build bulk, it is an invaluable one for ensuring peak activation of your backside – making it a perfect exercise to include in your warmup routine, or as a supplement to your regular workout.

Best Butt Exercise #26: Resistance Band Monster Walks

You’ll need a resistance band loop for this exercise. Resistance bands are one of my favorite pieces of home workout equipment because they are so versatile – so if you don’t already have some, I must recommend getting some!

You can use a couple of different styles of band for this exercise – either a small loop approximately 12 inches (laid flat):

neeboo bands
These NeeBooFit small resistance band loops come in a range of resistance levels and make a great starter kit – available from Amazon

Or, a 41 inch larger band that can be looped around your body:

pull up bands
Larger resistance band loops are more commonly used for assisted pullups but can be crossed across the body for monster walks. WODfitters bands available from Amazon

To do the monster walks, the larger band is held in a “X” fashion across your body (as shown in the video below), or alternatively you can loop a smaller band around your feet/ankles like this:

neeboofit loops
Smaller 12″NeeBooFit band looped around the ankles.

How to Do the Move

This video show how to do a monster walk using a larger band crossed over your body. Remember, this exercise is more about glute activation, so you want to focus on feeling your glute muscles engaging and working.

  1.  Start with your band looped around your feet and arms in a “X” fashion, or, if you’re using a smaller loop, around your ankles or feet.
  2. Place your feet about shoulder-width apart, toes pointing forward. You should feel some resistance from your band in this position; if not, adjust it so that it’s not slack.
  3. Engaging your glutes, bend your knees slightly and sink down a few inches into a semi-squat position.
  4. Keeping the same height and semi-squat position the entire time, step to your right with your right foot.
  5. Step your left foot towards the right so that you return to your starting position (but shifted over by one step).
  6. You’ve just taken one step of a ‘monster walk’. Do 5 more lateral steps towards the right, then repeat in the other direction – this time walking towards the left and leading with your left foot.

Perfecting Your Form

  • Maintain the same height of squat through the entire exercise – this is what keeps your glutes engaged.
  • Keep your back in a neutral position, neither rounded or hunched.
  • Keep your knees pointed forward the entire time and stacked above your toes. A common mistake is to let them cave in towards the center of your body.
  • Start with a light resistance – this exercise is more about recruiting your glutes (i.e. training your brain to be able to activate the right muscles) than building up muscle bulk. Though of course as you become more advanced it can do that too!

Reppin’ It

This exercise is more about training your glute muscles how to fire and making your brain aware that they exist.

Having inactive glutes is extremely common and monster walks are a great way to fight this condition.

In terms of recommended reps – try incorporating this exercise into your warmup routine before you workout – do 5 steps right and five steps left for 5 sets with no break between.

Best Butt Exercises: Resistance Band Monster Walks
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