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After I wrote such a detailed article on what butt bras are, I couldn’t help but feel guilty for excluding all the guys out there who might also want some extra butt support (the article was catered mainly towards women).

Many men actually also wouldn’t mind a bit of help in the rear department, so to all those searching for men’s butt lifting underwear, I’ve pulled together the best products for you from the intertubes!

This article will teach you a bit about what exactly men’s butt lifting underwear is, what it can do for you, why you should try it, and where to get a pair. Let’s get down to business.

Why Butt Lifting Underwear for Men?

So why should you try butt lifting underwear if you’re a man? Yes, the whole butt thing is very much aimed at women these days, but did you know that most women love to check out guys with good looking butts?

Guys, this means that if you have a nice looking butt, you are probably going to get a bit more female attention, and maybe even some admiration! This is why I don’t have any qualms in promoting butt lifting underwear as an option for the males out there.

Butt Lifting Underwear – An Overview

Butt lifting underwear is a butt enhancing underwear, but it’s different to padded underwear.

man underwear

Butt Padded Underwear

Butt padded underwear for men describes undies that contain a bit padding in the form of foam or silicone, that are designed to bump up the shape of your butt. It’s for those who don’t have much of a butt at all, or are a bit flat in that department.

However, it may not be for everyone – some guys might feel uncomfortable having padded underwear, but still may want to look good in the backside department.

Butt Lifting Underwear

If the padded underwear doesn’t appeal to you because you don’t like the idea of carrying around extra padding material, butt lifting underwear may be for you.  With butt lifting underwear, there is no added padding. Instead, the fabric of this clothing is cleverly designed in order to boost your natural assets to give you a better and more improved all-natural look.

The actual ‘lifting’ happens due to specially designed fabrics and careful placement of elasticity, all carefully constructed to enhance the size and shape of your butt by adding support where it is needed to create a bit of extra lift.

Pick Your Style

Men’s butt lifting underwear comes in a range of different styles, all of which will enhance your look. So whether you prefer trunks, boxers, jocks or briefs, there’s usually an option available that will suit your particular needs.

Below is just a sample of what you can expect if you are in the market for some butt lifting underwear, and as you can see, the majority of these are very discreet – it’s not overly obvious that you are wearing enhancing underwear in most cases.

Here’s an example of some men’s trunks with somewhat discreet butt lifting straps sewn in to the fabric:

[amazon_link asins=’B003YKGV88′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’thebetbutcha-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’84352c41-161d-11e8-b922-899cc398d1f3′]

These boxer briefs from Xtremen are made of super soft material and look just like a regular pair of underwear while still lifting and shaping your buns:

Xtremen butt lifting underwear from

Rounderbum’s  Buttlifting jockstrap is a perfect option for the gym or when you need to do cardio. Support around the butt is an added bonus:

feel foxy mens jock strap
These Mens Buttlifting Jockstraps from Feel Foxy are available for $33.19.

I particularly like these no-show lifting briefs by 2xist. They come in a trunks version as well. Sexy, without being obvious that your butt is getting a little help!

Lift on both sides from these 2xist briefs!

Finally, for those who want maximum effect – there’s the Double-O® lifter. This one’s a bit more obvious, but there’s no denying it gets some eye-popping results:

mens butt lifter underwear
Double-O® Brief for Men from Bubbles® Bodywear will help you strut your stuff.

Where to Buy

Online retailers will offer you the most choice in terms of styles, colors and design when it comes to butt lifting underwear. It’s also quicker, more convenient and more discreet to make your purchases online. I haven’t yet seen these kind of products in many physical stores.

Specialty retailers of butt enhancement underwear often have a men’s product range, some of which you’ve already seen above.

Bubbles Bodywear mens



To Pad or Not To Pad – That is the Question

Most of these retailers offer both padded and non-padded underwear in their men’s ranges, so one might get to asking – should I go for padded underwear or not?

The answer is really up to the individual. Some men suffer from “flat butt” syndrome, or almost have next to no butt at all. Since butt lifting underwear can only work to accentuate what you have, you might need to resort to some padded products to get a bit more volume if this sounds like you.

For most men, a simple discreet butt lifter can be a good segue into the world of butt-enhancement underwear. These butt lifters cost the same as a regular pair of underwear and look pretty much the same as regular underwear, so there’s little harm in giving a pair of these a go next time you’re up for a new pair of undies.

mens boxers
Butt lifting, or regular underwear? Most people won’t even be able to tell the difference.



If you were considering butt lifting underwear, then there are plenty of options out there that might suit you. Butt lifting underwear is a great option for men to give a little bit of support and boost up the butt – as well as your confidence.

This is an easy and almost invisible way to test out what butt-enhancement clothing can do for you, so why not give it a try?

I hope this article has assisted you with understanding what products are on the market for men in the butt-enhancing area. You can also find more information in my post on Butt Padded Underwear for Men. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this kind of underwear for males, so drop me a comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!




Men’s Butt Lifting Underwear – Because Women Like Guys Butts

4 thoughts on “Men’s Butt Lifting Underwear – Because Women Like Guys Butts

  • March 24, 2017 at 3:48 am

    Is there a men’s garment that has ALL of the following features: 1) is a boxer brief; 2) has hidden jock straps or is specially made to lift rear area and is built in that really lifts and stay tight with washings; 3) has removable pads for buns; 4) crotch less OR extra-room pouch (either choice is so the front won’t be too tight; 5) stay’s tight after repeated washings? If this garment is available, I would buy several right now!!

    Also, I am a perfect 33 waist—the missing number in almost all men’s clothing lines!! (Why do manufacturers skip from 32 to 34? They didn’t use to). Do you know of any manufacturers that still make 33 waist for men?

    One more: since I can’t find 33, when it comes to jock straps and similar underwear, should I try 32 instead of 34…because 34 is too big and with time and washings, these items usually start to lose their tightness, resulting in no help with enhancement. I am asking this because according to ads, these items normally run small and I wouldn’t want something too tight and uncomfortable. But again, since 33 isn’t available…!!!!


    • March 24, 2017 at 11:17 am

      Hey Ty, that’s some magical garment if it can do all that! 😛 I know how much it can be painful looking for products that are seemingly non-existent!
      I’m not too familiar with how some of the men’s products last with washing, but have you checked out Bubbles Bodywear? They do a men’s padded boxer/brief called ‘the jackpot’ (check it out in this post) which from memory has a few of the features you’ve listed. You’d have to check with them if they could do size 33 though!!

  • April 21, 2017 at 6:56 pm

    Keep me up to date.

    • July 27, 2017 at 9:27 am

      I’ll try and update this article from time to time!


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