braI know what you’re thinking. Butt bra? What the heck is that? No, I didn’t just make up the term to get your attention. Making your butt look it’s best is serious business here at the Better Butt Challenge, and I can assure you that butt-enhancing underwear is taken very seriously!

So what is a Butt Bra exactly? Rest assured, you’ll learn everything you want to know about rear support in this article, including what a so-called ‘butt bra’ is, what they are supposed to do and how they do it, and the different products out there on the market.

To all the males out there: I must apologize but this article is primarily aimed at women’s products. For the equivalent men’s underwear that will get you the lift you’re after – check out my article on men’s butt lifting underwear.

Introducing… the “Butt Bra”

A butt bra is sort of just what it sounds like.. a bra for your butt. The purpose of this garment: to lift, support, and maybe even separate (only, this time, the focus is on your lower half). Generally they don’t use padding, and are often combined with elastic materials in the waistband to provide slimming and body contouring, particularly in high-waisted and short cuts.

You may be laughing right now – I know I was when I first heard of a butt bra. A what? I thought, You can’t be serious. Lol! However, at this point I’d like to stop talking, and let the following example illustrate the amazing results this type of underwear can produce.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and this is no exception- check out the before and after results you can get from a butt bra, and I think you’ll agree with me that they are impressively sexy:

buttbra before and after
Butt Bra in Action – This model demonstrates the power of the ‘Double-O® STRONG Mid Thigh Brief‘ by Bubbles® Bodywear

With results as drastic as these, you would be forgiven for thinking that this model is either using butt padded underwear or has maybe even gotten implants, but you’d be wrong.

The garment responsible for this impressive display of booty is the humble butt bra- not so laughable a concept now that you’ve seen the results it creates, right?

How Does a Butt Bra Work

So how does it achieve this kind of butt boosting, cheek enhancing goodness? Most butt bras use a clever design in the cut and type of material selected in order to achieve the lift and shaping that is so desirable to many.

There are a few different styles of ‘butt bras’ out there that I’ve seen so far, and I’d like to showcase a few to illustrate the different types you can get.

The First Type: Double Cut-outs
butt lifter panty bubbles
The Double-O® Push-up Brief LITE by Bubbles® Bodywear has strategic cutouts to enhance your cheeks.

This style of butt bra has cutouts in the backside of the garment that, while they may look a bit silly at first, work absolute wonders for your cheeks (and no, I’m not talking about the ones on your face).

The strategically placed cutouts basically gather all that delicious bootay that you own and perk it up via the surrounding supportive stretch fabric to create maximum volume in all the right spots,

Because the most round part of your cheeks stays uncovered due to the strategically placed cutouts, there is no restrictive material to compress your butt down flat or rob you of volume.

Secondly: No Cutouts

For those of you who don’t like the look of the double cut-out style garment, you can get similar garments that don’t look as immediately obvious because they don’t have a full cutout.

These work on the same principle – they use a more elastic/tighter shaping material around your butt cheeks to collect volume into one spot, then use a lighter, less elastic fabric to cover the cheeks themselves. The lighter weight material serves to let your booty volume show without pressing it flat.

Some garments use the same material all over but may have specialized stitching or elasticity worked into the material in strategic places to achieve the effect explained above.

Either way, these make for a more discreet looking butt bra, like these low-rise boy short butt lifters from Feel Foxy (featured below).


feelfoxy boyleg buttlifter
Feel Foxy’s Boy Short Butt Lifter


Type Three: Supportive Bands

Finally, I also found butt bra bands, that work even more simply than a pair of underwear bottoms.  These are a pair of wide garter-style bands made of a soft elastic fabric that you wear on each leg around your upper thigh.

They sit just below the butt cheek and so help to push up your backside to create a rounder shape. These can be a great look with lingerie, and also come in longer-lengths (knee length and 3/4 length capris)  to add extra thigh and leg shaping if you desire.

butt lifter bands bubbles
Bum lifting bands by Bubbles® sit as a garter around your upper thigh and push your butt up for that bit of extra lift.


When to Use

You can use a butt bra any time you want that bit of extra boost and shaping (this might even be everyday!), or you might want to just save it for special occasions where you really want your booty to shine. Either way, it’s a very affordable and safe way to get a great look for your butt.

The Benefits of Butt Bras

The results of these garments speak for themselves. Butt bras offer an affordable and natural way to enhance your assets by simply slipping on some underwear.

Numerous reviews prove most butt bras as surprisingly comfortable, and many switch to wearing these as their everyday underwear to accentuate their butt shape.

You also get a natural look with most butt bras, because there are no bulky silicone or foam pads which can go astray when you are wearing a butt bra. That awesome booty you see when you look in the mirror? It’s all natural and all you, baby. Awww yeah.


Okay, now let’s talk about the downsides to this bit of kit. Everything has it’s disadvantages, even the good stuff.

I can only see a few cons to butt bras, each of which I’ll discuss in more detail:

  1. They are funny looking
  2. The results are temporary
  3. There are inferior products on the market
  4. May not suit everyone
Funny Looking Butt Bras

The first, that butt bras are funny looking, is indisputable. No, these do not look like a regular pair of panties, and you’ll be hard pressed trying to hide that if you plan on being seen by others in your underwear.

sweetcheeks feel foxy
Sweet Cheeks Highwaist Latex Boxer by Feel Foxy.

However, while this fact put me off at first as well, I’ve since come to believe that the results are totally worth it.

I also got to thinking, that anyone butt-obsessed enough to appreciate a fine bit of booty (i.e. partners or the opposite sex) will actually most likely really dig these panties, because they really accentuate the butt. Case in point, this sexy number from Feel Foxy:

feel foxy shaper
Butt Lift Zip Shaper by Feel Foxy.


So, I almost wouldn’t rate this so called ‘disadvantage’ very highly, it’s more of something just to be aware of and may impact on the style of butt bra that you’d prefer to wear.

Temporary Results

Results are temporary. This one, is a major disadvantage, unfortunately. The only advice I can offer here is that some kind of butt building exercise program or otherwise something like butt surgery will give you more permanent results, but of course each of these come with their own implications.

The good thing about butt bras though, is that you can always simply try on another pair to find one that gets your butt looking just the way you want it, with no real effort! Tweaking your look like this with something like surgery? you simply can’t experiment on the same level without drastic side effects.

Inferior Products.. Don’t Get Stung!

Finally, Be aware that there are inferior products out there on the market that can and sometimes do give butt enhancing underwear a bad name.

A good quality butt bra will have the following features, so look out for these when you shop:

  • Quality materials used that won’t degrade or lose elasticity ahead of time
  • Suitable garment cut/fit specifically designed to contour your body, so you don’t get stuck with uncomfortable or unnatural looking underwear!
  • Reviews showing customer satisfaction (these are also a great way to gauge the above two factors based on other people’s experiences)
May Not Suit Everyone

Butt bras may not be for everyone. While most reviews are extremely positive, some people have noted that those with smaller butts to begin with may not necessarily have much to work with so a butt bra may not necessarily give them the full boosting effects that they may be after.

Be aware of the limitations of butt bras. Yes, they can achieve some fantastic results, but if you are a bit on the flatter side and really want a lot more volume, you may need to go for something like padded panties instead.

Where Can I Buy a Butt Bra?

Similar to butt padded underwear for men and women, it can be tricky to find specialized butt bras in physical stores. Online specialty shops are a great alternative because they offer a quick an easy way to browse product ranges, as well as allowing one to shop discreetly and embarrassment free from the comfort of your own home.

These shops also generally specialize in butt enhancement underwear, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

The two shops I would recommend for those who are looking to purchase a butt bra are definitely worth checking out – Feel Foxy and Bubbles® Bodywear.

Feel Foxy have a very sexy range of butt lifters and offer a huge range of different style designs.


You’ll also want to check out what they have over at Bubbles® Bodywear, one of my favorite butt-enhancing underwear retailers. These people are experts I tell you!

Bubbles Bodywear Padded Panties

One of the best butt bra ranges I have seen so far is their Double-O® collection. I must say that I absolutely love the name because it will certainly have people saying, Oh! When they see how perky and perfectly shaped your butt is while wearing some of these.

Note that Bubbles® also separate their booty lifting products into a different category to their butt bra range, so if you’re after an option that covers your cheeks don’t forget to check out their booty lifter product range.

Up, Up, and Away!

lifed highThere’s no doubt that the cleverly designed butt bras out there on the market can definitely provide you with some serious lift.

Butt bras are for anyone looking to get a bit more lift and shaping on their butt, without having to resort to padding, but be aware that while the can create the illusion of more volume, they only work with what you have naturally.

Now that you are more informed on the world of butt bras, I hope you’ll find some inspiration to try some of these beauties out! With the amount of lifting action we’ve talked about so far, it’s all upwards and onwards from here!



What is a “Butt Bra”? Possibly Your New Favorite Undergarment!

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