I’ve recently picked up the Brazil Butt Lift program by Beachbody after seeing the ads on TV and some posts on youtube and am going to give it a red-hot go. The question is, does Brazil Butt Lift work?

Well, if the promo videos are anything to go by, it certainly does… but since I live in the real world, let me hold off on answering that question for now, and I’ll tell you if it has actually worked for me in 30 days time.

Here is one of the promo videos if you’ve never heard of Brazil Butt Lift before:

Let’s See How Well Brazil Butt Lift Works

I’m always excited when I start a new challenge or program, because my main goal is to see how much visible change I can create in a set period of time.

The Brazil Butt Lift workout guide has a few different plans in it (all for 4 weeks each), so I thought I’d go with an experiment time of 30 days. 30 days to a better, lifted butt is not much to ask, is it?

I’m really eager to see what results I can obtain and debunk any of my own doubts of whether or not this program works. I’ve seen some great results from others online, but I’m always a bit skeptical because any product usually has a bit of ‘hype’ behind it.

So today I have taken my starting measurements and a heap of photographs so that I can refer back to these at the end of the 30 days.

I know it’s important to take a good starting photograph, as a lot of the reviews and before/after results that I have seen look either photoshopped or it’s obvious that they are taken from a more flattering angle or in more flattering clothing, making it difficult to actually judge whether or not the results are as dramatic as they seem.

Butt Pencil Test – Failure!

I also did the butt pencil test and I guess I would say that I ‘quasi-failed’ – my butt cheek was able to support the pencil, but only if I really pushed it in there to begin with. I think the only thing that saved me from a full failure is that my butt is so flat! In any case, it is a disturbing result – I apparently have a somewhat flat yet saggy butt!

I have to say that taking and then looking at my starting pictures was a bit of an eye-opener and there are definitely some things about my butt that I’d like to change. Specifically, my goals are to reduce the fat on my hips (lovehandles/saddlebags), fill out the sides of my butt, and lift and add volume to the rest of my rear.

Keep watching this space as I’ll be sure to post about my impressions of the Brazil Butt Lift workouts, and keep you updated on how I’m progressing!

Edit: I finished the 30 day trial and yes, I did have positive results!  You can read my review of the full program here.

Does Brazil Butt Lift Work? Ask Me Again In 30 Days

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