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Hi Jolie,
I want a butt that sticks out and one that you can see has a nice shape. I have an okay butt shape now, but I would like it to be rounder and pop out more. How can I get a bubble butt?

If you’re a part of popular society (read: not living under a rock), you’ll know that bubble butts are very much in vogue these days. If you weren’t aware of this, let me give you the run down on why we love bubble butts.

But first, the basics.

What is a “Bubble Butt”?

It’s a glorious booty that is even more glorious to look at. If we had to describe one, a bubble butt is nicely spherical and round and ‘pops’ out. As the name implies, it is bubble-shaped.

bubble butt

How Can I Get a Bubble Butt?

So you’ve seen a bubble butt and you’ve decided you want one for yourself. That’s understandable – they look awesome and guys go crazy for them.

You’ll want to start doing some exercises to try and boost up your assets and try and shape your booty into a nice rounded shape. The video below explains how you can work towards building your own bubble butt through exercise.

Are Bubble Butts Genetic?

Yes. Unfortunately, the shape of your butt is mostly determined by genetics, which means you have to accept what you’ve been born with. But, if you’re not one of the lucky ones who was born with a bubble butt, that doesn’t mean you can’t have one!

Bubble butts are largely shaped by a particular fat distribution, which again, comes down to genetics. You can’t do a lot about changing the amount of fat on your butt without also changing your total body fat content.

But Don’t Give Up on Your Bubble Butt Dreams Yet

As mentioned in the video, you can still start exercising to build muscle which will definitely fill out the shape of your butt and give it a rounder appearance.

Depending on how your butt looks at the moment, you’ll probably be best doing exercises which target the sides of the butt, like the butt scissors that Davey shows in the video.

You can also check out my list of some of the best butt shaping exercises to find out more moves that will help you get a rounder butt.

Supercharge Your Results By Using Weights

If you’ve read any of my posts on building muscle, then you’ll know that the key to putting on muscle mass is training with weights.

If you have a barbell or weighted workout bar at home for weighting up your squats and deadlifts, great – otherwise you may have to hit the gym.


Try doing the other exercises from the video with ankle weights to really get your muscles working.

If you don’t have ankle weights you can rig up a home-made solution for free – or also try using a towel to wrap around your ankle and wrap a bag of rice, plastic bag full of sand, weight plates, or even tins of food in it as a weight. Yes, it’s very MacGuyver-ish (well, maybe a lot less sophisticated), but if you want results you need to add weight!


Want to learn more?

Check out our best butt exercises page, or take one of our butt challenges to get on your way to a better butt today!

Answered: How Can I Get a Bubble Butt?
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4 thoughts on “Answered: How Can I Get a Bubble Butt?

  • April 8, 2017 at 6:13 pm

    Hi , im evan. Im 17 and boy but i have natural bubble butt , and as the others say a cute one . But i dont wanna have it , can i get rid of that ? When girls see me they say “how can i have a cute one like you” i hate it , can i ?

    • April 9, 2017 at 8:28 am

      Hey Evan, I can’t believe you aren’t happy with your butt, it sounds like a nice one! You could try doing some targeted butt exercises to change your butt shape, but to be honest most people are trying to go from a flatter butt to a bubble butt shape (just goes to show that you’ve already got what most people want and find attractive!!).
      If you really don’t like it, you might be able to try and change the shape a little through exercise, but changes may be minimal if you’re naturally muscular in the butt area. If the shape is due to fat instead of muscle, then overall weight loss (to a healthy weight range for your body, of course) may help.
      Also don’t underestimate the power of simply changing your mindset – a simple change in thinking can definitely turn a hated body feature into one you like.

  • June 18, 2017 at 9:21 am

    Hi jolie. I must ask. I think i got buble butt ( when j squeez my muscle i can see it being big) and my sholders are about my hips and waisr really small ( i canr decide is it v or bubble but j want it to be bubblenso much 🙂
    Now im 34….for past 6 month due to back problem i lost a lot if waiht (175cm/55kg) almost amorexic ( back were twisted down due to pole dance and were pressing in my how to say.. metabolis went crazy and what i eat would go out..with numerous other problems) rnx Gos now it over and im to fiziateiat ebery day to get them back. Now he told me ( as i really did a lot od exercises for butt in fym and home last 5 yrs he tod me due to back nor right muscles could be involved and i couls drop my soul there litlle progress was maid ( yeah incredible right ) btw this happend gentetick im tall but pole dance made it worse…its mistake its not for everione. Be careful girls with pole.
    Anyway now that im ok..i can see my butt miscle being skinny much still ( now 58kg) i ear only healthy to get healrhy kilos… and my butt… well due i guess to losing waight it lost its side how to say…side fat or hangs down a bit ( pecil stays) but when i gwr my butt muscle tighr i see potential od my butt…so my question ( finalY 🙂 ) is can my butt ever look like when i squeez it how it look then..and what i have ti do for it?
    And it would be amazing if you could give me your emil so i can send you 3 pics one for behind one eith gultes relxed and one with swuezed….so you what type of butt i got. I cant see it couse of beinf too skinny yet..but muscle ro someone who knows can be seen.
    Now im asking this here couse no one around me dont know types of butt.. my personal triner few yrs back was only on me lifting more and more wights every training and didnt want to exoline a lot… and for 4 minths i went 4 tms a week with really littlw result ( think couse of back mucles of leg were not contracting as at normla people..coise by now what i did to tone my butt i would habe rinanna butt haha 😉 and now with 34 i must go from begining..but ok only this time i want to do ir right..and i see you did your research and could know this to tell me ofr my butt ryoe what exercises would be best but not cardio couse i cant lose waight ( that is why i cant fo to zumba…zimba toned my body the best i think)
    Sorry for long post but i really need to know thia to not wonder aroud feew yrs now that i can do my butt…yrs are here…and i know im not tennage and that im few yrs it will be harder and harder. I got no oeoblem with exercise i love to execise so its souch a shame here where i live there is no individail aproach its the list ( ear this amd this ans do squats with more and more waight).
    Pls help me and if its not problem let me send you pics on mail so yoi can see wjat im tlaking about and to come up with a paln with me. Ill gice you all credit no problem 🙂
    Tnx for readinf this and reply..ita summer here and im.. well a bit desperate.
    Tnx girl tnx a lot for this article

    • June 19, 2017 at 8:48 am

      Hi Natasa,
      Feel free to contact me through the “Contact” link on this site and I can email you back. I’d say with enough dedication you could definitely get back to your old butt! The potential is there, since you’ve done it before. Nutrition and exercise combined would be crucial for this. I think it’s great that you’ve gone the personal trainer route, and I do think that lifting weights is the best way to get a better butt shape. But if they weren’t taking enough time to explain things to you, then you could always try a different trainer.
      For now, you might benefit from something like this book: Strong Curves. That link will take you to my more detailed review of the book. It goes into HEAPS of detail on how to create a better butt, and has many exercise programs in the back… Do be careful though, maybe you could take this program to your personal trainer (since you’ve had previous back problems), and they help can ease you into it slowly! Be patient too… sometimes getting those gains in the back side can take time (even up to years!). Good luck.


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