Today I heard for the first time about ‘Butt Masking’, and I’ve gotta say, why hadn’t this been thought of sooner?

If you’ve never heard of butt masking before, it’s as the name suggests – putting a mask on your butt. No, not some fancy dress mask to hide your identity (or those so-called imperfections on your cheeks), but a beauty treatment mask – like this one.

Our poor butts barely get any thanks, so how about treating yours to a specialized beauty routine?

My first foray into butt masking was checking out the products offered by Massk International – a company dedicated to skin care products specifically for your booty. Now there’s a concept I can get behind!

It makes so much sense that it’s crazy to think why this hasn’t been done sooner. We put beauty products on our faces, hands and skin, but who is out there looking after your hard-working bottom that provides you a comfortable seat everywhere you go with barely any thanks ever offered?

Massk, which is run by founder Olena Sepyahina, offers luxurious sounding products such as the Rump Plumper Butt Cheek Lotion, a Bamboo Charcoal Butt Cheek Mask, and Butt Cheek Cleanser. It’s a full turn-key beauty solution for your behind, and even offered as a complete Butt Cheek Beauty Kit.

This 3-step butt beauty kit is available here from Massk International.

What I especially love about this brand is that all of their products are cruelty-free, not tested on animals, and 100% natural, using only high quality certified organic ingredients. What’s not to love?

The formulations also use natural ingredients specifically chosen to tone, smooth, tighten and exfoliate so you can get back that ‘smooth as a baby’s bottom’ claim!

While I have to admit that the thought of putting a beauty mask on my butt hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind, well, ever, now that I know it’s an option I think it could be kinda fun.

Image Credit:Massk International

I can see this being a great present for girlfriends or even sleepovers, hen’s nights etc. (though you’d have to be fairly comfortable with your friends to want to strip down to your bare bottom!). Otherwise, a fun activity for couples?

Shipping is free from Massk, so check out their product range and indulge a little – go on, you know you want to!

Have you heard of butt masks before? Is it something you’d try? Let me know in the comments below!


Butt Masking – Beauty Hits The Bottom

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