The great majority of us are now staying home in the current pandemic, which can definitely throw your workout routine off track.

Does this mean you’ve got a free pass not to work out? No way!

I’m going to show you how, despite gyms and personal trainer services not being readily available at the moment, you can still hunker down and have an awesome workout experience – from home.

I’ll also hook you up with several of my go-to resources for keeping home workouts fun and engaging. Let’s go!

Home Workouts are Now Easier Than Ever

Here’s a quick mindset shift – have you ever stopped to take a look at your previous workout routine?

If you’re like most people, you probably had a gym membership, or group training you show up to.

Unfortunately that may not be possible right now, but guess what – working out from home is much much easier than having to drag yourself to those other places!

Think about the effort involved in going to those places – getting dressed to an acceptable level, packing your things, actually travelling to the establishment.. now contrast that to working out from home. If you want to get really lazy, you can even work out in your PJs! You don’t have to spend any effort dressing up to look acceptable in public. (I hope I’m not the only one working out over here in my daggy house clothes with unbrushed hair, but hopefully you get my point!)

You don’t even need equipment. There are so many exercises you can do with just bodyweight that trust me, you can still get a killer workout from (as well as the awesome results). Of course, if you have weights or dumbells at home, by all means include those if you wish!

Technology is Amazing!

Okay, so you’re at home and you’re already up 20 minutes on your schedule because you didn’t have to take your usual trip to the gym. But now what?

Well, the good news is that we’re in the most technologically advanced time ever! There has never been a better time to leverage technology to help you work out from home.

I’ll be introducing you to some of my favorite online workout resources later on, but just keep in mind that there is no shortage of videos, instructional material and inspiration of exercises you can do at home!

Not only that but if you are one for social accountability, you can easily jump on things like group video chats and work out with your crew, if you feel so inclined – how amazing!

I personally like to work out alone, but I enjoy following along with video instruction, as it feels like the instructor is right there with me and coaching me through it all.

This Is Your Cocoon Time – How Will You Emerge?

As tough as the current times are, I know what’s helping a lot of people through it is to adopt a positive mindset – for example, this is a downtime, but how can you improve yourself and emerge stronger than ever once it’s all over?

I am getting a kick out of treating the quarantining as a kind of ‘cocoon’ time – it’s a time where I am closed off from the outside world, but I can be doing a lot of work changing who I am for the better.

I’m looking forward to seeing friends and family again, and when I do, I hope they’ll be surprised at how fit and strong I’ve become in the time we’ve all been separate.

My Top Home Exercise Resources (Butt Focused of course!)

The 30 day Butt Lift Challenge – An old favorite – follow along videos, try going for the whole 30 days and watch your butt lift, no surgery required!

Betty Rocker’s 30 Day “Make Fat Cry” Challenge – This is an awesome 30 day challenge with workouts that are just 15 minutes long. It’s not specifically butt-focused, but it’s a great whole-body workout program.

Do Yoga With Me – For those who want a bit more yoga-centric approach, here are a bunch of free videos to do yoga at home! There is a paid portion too, currently being offered free to anyone quarantined at home.

Youtube – There are sooooo many workout videos available on youtube that you can pick and choose from! Below shows just one result from searching for ‘Butt Workout’, and there are plenty more!

Free workout videos onYouTube are so easy to come across now

The Butt Bible – In the past, I have reviewed this program in detail here, but guess what, it looks like it’s now available on Youtube! Check it out the playlist here.

Over To You

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration and ideas to spice up your exercise routines, because quarantining doesn’t mean you have to forgo your exercise practice!

Let me know if you try any of the resources above, and what your top tips are for exercising during this time by leaving a comment below!

Let’s Talk About Exercising From Home!

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