This week’s Best Butt Exercise is the Ice Skater Plyo.

If you didn’t already know, ice figure skaters have long been associated with great butts. This can probably be attributed to the amount of low squatting motions that are required in the sport, not to mention multiple changing angles and a lot of leg-work in general.

That’s all well and good for figure skaters, but how can we get in on this awesome-butt deal?

The answer is: with the Ice Skater Plyo.

If you liked Frog Jumps because of their plyometric nature, you’ll also love these. Plyometric exercise offers benefits in training the fast-twitch muscle fibers and can offer a different stimulus to regular weight training.

Not only are Ice Skaters fantastic for your glutes, they are a killer cardio workout and you can get a great workout to your cardiovascular system by performing these at speed once you’ve got the form down pat.

Exercise: Ice Skaters
Muscles worked: Quads, Glutes, back, plus cardio.
Jolie Recommends: 1 minute all-out followed by a 30 sec break, for 3 sets
Difficulty rating: 3
Effectiveness rating: 7

Best Butt Exercise #4: Ice Skaters


Perfecting Your Form

  • Focus on keeping good form and posture by holding the body tight throughout the exercise, especially your core.
  • Use explosive power to leap from side to side, driving through the heels to really target the glutes as the source of the movement.
  • Aim for both maximum height and maximum lateral (sideways) distance when performing the leaps.
  • Keep the hips square to the front when crossing your floating leg behind your body, and drop the butt low to work the muscles further.

Reppin’ It

I prefer to do this exercise as timed sets, rather than trying to count the number of reps. The benefit of this is that you can workout with more intensity over the set time frame and always keep pushing your maximum effort.

Do one or two 20 – 60 second sets at a slow to moderate pace to warm up, then try for three 1 minute all-out sets with a 30 second rest break between sets.

Best Butt Exercises: Ice Skater Plyos
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2 thoughts on “Best Butt Exercises: Ice Skater Plyos

  • July 21, 2020 at 5:25 am

    Excellent alternative to just doing squats!

    • July 22, 2020 at 2:29 am

      Thanks Dennis – glad you enjoyed the exercise!


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