Have you heard of the butt ‘pencil test’?

It’s an odd name, but it’s obviously butt-related, so of course I felt that I needed to investigate further! In this post, I found out what exactly the butt pencil test is, as well as how to do the test itself, and it’s a very simple test that anyone can do!

A bit of background research revealed that the pencil test is a little bit of fun that has been re-popularized by the Brazil Butt Lift exercise program, the founders of which have came up with the appropriately titled “butt pencil test” to gauge the status of your butt.

The butt pencil test will tell you if your butt is saggy and needs to be lifted right away.

Here’s what it looks like. You will need:

  • A pencil
  • A butt (preferably yours :P), minus clothing – underwear is fine
  • A mirror to check your results

To perform the test, you need to stick the pencil lengthways just beneath the crease at the back of your leg, where your butt meets your thighs.

To do this of course, you’ll need to strip down to your undies so that your clothing won’t get in the way and cause anything to skew the results of this very scientific test!

Make sure the pencil is level as shown in the picture below. You may want to watch to see what happens in the mirror, so stand with your butt facing the mirror and you should be able to look over your shoulder to see the test results first hand.

Once you’ve positioned the pencil, then let go and take your hands away.

pencil test
The Butt Pencil Test: Place a pencil in the crease where the back of your leg meets your butt, then take your hands away and see if the pencil stays put.

If the pencil drops to the floor, then guess what? You pass! Congratulations, you have a high and perky butt. Celebrations are in order. 🙂

However, if the pencil stays put, or ‘actually disappears’ (as the Brazil Butt Lift booklet puts it), well… according to the Brazil Butt Lift program, you’ve got some work to do.

This pencil test actually tests to see how severe your infragluteal fold (the crease at the bottom of your butt) is. The infragluteal fold is actually one of the four features of an ideal butt, so unless you have a very flat butt you’ll never get rid of this fold completely.

A flabbier butt or a saggy butt can lead to you failing the butt pencil test, but don’t be too discouraged if this is the case. The solution is to lose excess weight if that is causing you to store extra fat in your butt area, and build up your glute muscles to help lift and firm your booty.

The Brazil Butt Lift Program can help you do both, which is why they’ve included the butt pencil test in their product so that you can continue to perform this simple little test as you track along in your work out plan.

Looks like this thing is a bit of a take-off from the original Pencil Test, which (according to Wikipedia) was first coined by Chicago Sun-Times advice columnist Ann Landers as a test to see if you had enough breast size to warrant the need to wear a bra. It’s now been adapted to the butt as a valuable signal for the health of your buttocks (the visual health of your butt, anyway).

You’ve got to hand it to their marketing team, it certainly makes for a bit of variety when you open your pack of exercise DVD’s and there’s a pencil in there.

But hey, if it’s getting someone like Jennifer talking about it on national television, then they must be doing something right…

Do you pass the pencil test? Post your results in the comments below!

Didn’t pass? Then check out my review of the Brazil Butt Lift Program which promises to lift your butt and have you passing the butt pencil test with flying colors in just a few weeks!

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What is the Butt Pencil Test?
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