I came across this novel piece of exercise equipment recently called a ‘gymstick’.

For those who don’t know what a gymstick is, it’s a pretty cool idea that looks like a very versatile piece of home exercise equipment! We go through what exactly this product is, and how it can be used for crafting a better butt in this post.

Gymstick Overview

Here’s what the gymstick looks like: It’s a bar with resistance bands attached to each end. Each resistance band has a loop in it.

Gymstick available from Amazon.com

What I like about this piece of equipment is that it can be used almost like a weighted barbell. You simply hook the loops around your hands or feet to suit, and there and heaps of different exercises you can do with this one item:

gymstick in use
The gymstick in use, adding some resistance to squats!

How to Use a Gymstick For Butt Exercises

The gymstick caught my eye after I was looking for something to add resistance to hip extension or ‘kick out’ exercises. This is a great exercise for your butt, however it can be hard to add resistance to it.

The video below shows how you can use a gymstick to take this exercise to the next level:

Other Versions of the Gymstick

I also found the gymstick on Amazon marketed as a pilates tool, called the Empower portable pilates studio.

empower gymstick pilates

This product is basically the same idea as the gymstick, but it also disassembles into two pieces for storage/portability.

empower portable pilatesempower portable pilates apart

The empower pilates stick doesn’t seem to have different weight ratings though, so it doesn’t seem to have as many options as the original gymstick, which comes in different resistance strengths.


Have you heard of a gymstick before? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this piece of exercise equipment! I’m a lover of resistance bands for home exercise, so I think this looks like a great product!


What Is A Gymstick? (And How It Can Help Your Butt)

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