how to use butt padsButt pads are one very awesome option for instantly enhancing the shape and size of your booty. However, it can be daunting to get started in this area!

If you’ve only just heard about butt pads, you might be wondering how to use them so you don’t look like an idiot with stuffing down your pants! Rest easy, this guide will have you covered.


The Run Down On Padding Your Pants

Butt pads are basically a padded insert designed to be worn under clothing in order to boost the shape and size of your butt. They generally come in pairs – one for each butt-cheek.

They are generally a round disc-shaped pad, which is concave in shape to match the curve of your natural butt. They are thickest in the center, and taper out thinly in the edges to create a natural, smooth look.

Here’s what they look like – not all that dissimilar to the padded cup inserts that you might see in a padded bra!

Foam butt pads from Bubbles® Bodywear


Or, if you opt for a silicone version, they can look something like a chicken fillet:

bubbles silicone butt pads that look real
Silicone butt pads from Bubbles® Bodywear

So, before we get into it, here are some takeaway tips for how to pad your butt like a pro:

Butt-Padding Tip #1: Choose the right type of butt pad

This article will introduce you to the different type of butt pads available – foam/silicone; non-adhesive/adhesive. Choosing the right type will ensure you remain comfortable while you gain the look you are after!

Butt-Padding Tip #2: Choose the right size butt pad

Ill-fitting butt pads are going to look fake and let’s face it.. just plain weird. Butt pads should not be detectable, and choosing the right size for your body will help keep it discrete.

Butt-Padding Tip #3: Know how to wear and adjust your pads

Take the time to learn the best way of using butt pads (which you’ll learn below!). Correct use and positioning of your butt pads will give you a more natural look.


Types Of Butt Pads

There are generally two different types of materials that butt pads are commonly made from: Silicone or Foam.

Silicone butt pads give a more realistic feel than foam butt pads, but foam pads are more light weight. In terms of looks, silicone can definitely ‘move’ a lot more like your natural booty, but some prefer foam pads because they are more light weight and can be more comfortable to wear.


How To Use Butt Pads

Okay, so now that you know the different types of butt pads out there, how do you actually use them?

Depending on where you get your butt pads from, you may be able to choose from two different options:

  1. Plain butt pad
  2. Adhesive backed butt pad

The way to use both of these is a little different, so let’s take a closer look.

(Note that butt pads are not the only option for padded underwear – you can also get in-built padding that doesn’t require you to mess around with individual butt pads! Check out our posts on butt padded underwear for women or butt padded underwear for men to get an understanding of the pros and cons of these different types of enhancement underwear.)

Plain Butt Pads (Non-adhesive)

The plain butt pad is simply a pad by itself, designed to add some volume to the look of your butt.

premium bubbles silicone butt pads real feel
These premium silicone butt pads from Bubbles® Bodywear  are designed to be extra jiggly to give you a super natural look (and feel!)

To use these, you’ll need something to hold them in place so they don’t fall out or move around.  They are specifically designed to be used with underwear that has built-in ‘pockets’ where you can insert the butt pad.

How To Use:

Dome shaped foam butt pads from Bubbles® Bodywear

Butt pads are designed with a rounded dome side (the outside) and a concave or flat side. The flat/concave side is what will sit against your body on your butt. This allows the rounded dome side to be facing outwards to create the shape of your new (padded) booty.

  1. Before use, place the butt pads inside the pockets of your specialty ‘pocket panties’, with the domed side facing outwards.
  2. Slip on your underwear.
  3. Now that you are wearing your butt pads, make any slight adjustments to the butt pad positioning as necessary to ensure they are even and natural looking.
  4. Admire your new booty in the mirror and you’re done. Enjoy!
  • No cleaning necessary
  • Can be worn with different types of ‘pocket panties’
  • Versatile – choose your look as these butt-pads are removable
  • Special underwear needed (pocket panties) – cannot be worn with existing underwear
  • May need to be removed in order to wash underwear
  • Fixed placement of the pads (they sit wherever the pockets are sewn)

Adhesive-Backed Butt Pads

The adhesive backed butt pad is a more versatile option because you don’t need to own special underwear or ‘pocket panties’ to use them.

They look the same as a plain/regular butt pad, but these butt pads have an adhesive or sticky backing on them, which you simply stick to the inside of your existing underwear in order to hold them in place.

Adhesive-backed butt pads from Bubbles® Bodywear

How To Use:

Adhesive backed butt pads can be a little trickier to use because you’ll be able to fully customize the exact pad placement. However, this means you’ll need to take special care not to position them unevenly.

It is recommended to do a ‘trial run’ to get an idea of where you want the butt pads to sit on your underwear first, since they cannot be easily adjusted once stuck in position.

Adhesive-backed silicone butt pads from Bubbles® Bodywear  have a protective plastic film to keep the adhesive side sticky.

The adhesive backing on these butt pads is usually covered by a piece of plastic to prevent it from sticking to things. You will want to keep this protective plastic aside for later as it can be used again when you store your butt pads.


  1. Wearing your underwear that you want to use the stick pads with.
  2. Slip the pads (with the plastic backing still attached so they are not sticky) inside your panties to get an idea of the best placement for them. You’ll be able to move them about to make adjustments since they are not stuck yet.
  3. Using a mirror, take a mental note of where the pads are sitting on your butt cheeks. You should be able to feel where they are positioned also.
  4. Remove one of the pads and peel aside the protective plastic from the butt pad to expose the sticky side. (Keep plastic aside for later)
  5. Using one hand to hold the back of your underwear out of the way, position the smooth side of the pad on your butt cheek where you want it. Once positioned, move your other hand away so that your underwear presses up against the pad.
    how to use butt pads
    How to use an adhesive-backed butt pad, using the Sticky Buns® Pads by Bubbles® Bodywear
  6. Pat down on the outside to ensure full adhesion of the pad to the inside of your underwear.
  7. Repeat for the other side.

The pads are then be held in place by the adhesive backing as well as the material of your underwear holding the pad close to your body. It’s best to wear close-fitting underwear with these kind of butt pads so that they won’t move about too much.

The benefits of these are that you can fully customize the positioning of your pads. Want more fullness higher up? No problem – just stick these bad boys up a bit higher to give you that boost. This kind of adjustment may not be possible when you have plain butt pads in pocket panties, as the pockets are in fixed locations.

The adhesive is re-useable, but be aware that the stickiness will eventually wear out, leaving you with what is essentially a plain non-adhesive butt pad. However, you can continue to use it with specially designed butt padded underwear if you like.

  • Can use with existing underwear
  • Easy to use – simply stick-and-go
  • Customized placement of the pads to create any shape
  • Limited life – adhesive wears out after about 50 washes
  • Need to clean butt pads to remove lint from adhesive backing

Completing the Illusion

You’ve got your butt pads in place now, and are feeling pretty good about the results. Be warned though: Sometimes butt pads just don’t look any good.

There’s nothing worse than having very obvious looking butt pads stuffed down your pants, so if you want to avoid this happening to you, make sure you select the right pads and get butt pads that actually look real.

Two things to watch out for here are:

  1. Fit – you’ll need to buy the right sized/shaped butt pad to begin with.
  2. Adjustment – fine tuning the positioning of your butt pads when you are wearing them.

Master these two points, and your new butt will be pretty much undetectable from being the real deal!

Butt Pad Care and Cleaning Instructions

If you want your butt-pads to last, you’ll need to take care of them properly! How exactly do you do this?

The method of care will depend on the type of butt pad (silicone or foam, or adhesive backed). Here are a few guidelines.

Foam Pads:

  • Insert and remove the pads with care, to avoid tearing the edges.
  • Should not be put in the washing machine or dryer.
  • To clean them, immerse in a solution of warm, soapy water and gently squeeze through the pad. Rinse thoroughly to remove soap, and lay the pads flat to dry in the shade.
  • Store in a flat position, not creased/folded/crunched up.
Handwash only in warm soapy water.

Silicone Pads:

  • Should not be put in the washing machine or dryer.
  • To clean, wipe down the surface of the pad with a damp cloth or gently rinse in warm soapy water.
  • Store your butt pads away from direct sunlight and heat (as this can cause the materials to degrade).
  • Avoid letting your butt pads come into contact with sharp objects that may pierce/cut them
  • Do not pick at or peel the outer ‘skin’ of the pad; this is what keeps the pad’s shape.

Adhesive-Backed Pads:

  • Store pads with the protective plastic sheet over the adhesive side.
  • After a few wears, lint build up on the adhesive may cause it to lose it’s stickiness. If it is a renewable adhesive, you can wash the lint away to make it sticky again.
  • To renew the adhesive (if applicable), hand wash the pad in warm soapy water, gently rubbing the adhesive side under water to remove any buildup of lint. Rinse and lay flat to dry, then replace the protective plastic sheet.



Now that you’ve been schooled on how to use butt pads, you can see it’s not all that hard! These really are a cost-effective way to add a few inches to your booty and boost your confidence.

If you’re interested in other options, check out our guide to butt-enhancing underwear, as there are a whole range of products available for making your butt look good. As well as padded underwear for men and women, you can also get ‘butt bras‘ for lifting your butt. Oh, and men can get butt lifting underwear too!

How To Use Butt Pads – Tips For Boosting Your Butt Like A Pro

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    • January 20, 2016 at 10:44 pm

      You’re welcome Tricia! For maintenance I would suggest plenty of butt-focused workouts, you can easily create your own by combining some of the butt exercises off our best butt exercises list!

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    can you use the adhesive butt pads in a bathing suit and go into the water?

    • February 26, 2017 at 11:36 am

      Good question Missy, I must admit that I’m not sure! If you’re swimming in a pool, the water and/or the chlorine may affect the adhesive and it may not hold. Also not sure if you’d see the line of the pad through your swimsuit, especially once it’s wet. Give it a trial run (in the shower or bath maybe?) and let us know how it goes!

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      Hi Tish. I would suggest doing squats, or lunges, or any other exercise which will work both your hamstrings and quads. With the right training and diet you should be able to develop those muscles and bulk up your thighs noticeably.

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    Is there any decent solution for a padded swim bottom yet I know bubbles has one but the bottoms themselves fit funky is there any other company that offers padded swim suit bottoms?

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      Hi Sarah,
      I haven’t been able to find any other options, unfortunately. It’s easy enough to get padded bikini tops, but no one seems to give any love to the bottoms – Bubbles are the only company I know that offers such a product.
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      Hi Regina! It’s difficult to change your natural body shape, but in my opinion most people should be able to make some kind of visual difference with consistent effort through exercise. You can increase your muscle mass in certain areas of your body, for example, to change the way it looks. I would suggest checking out this article on glute anatomy to determine which muscles you’d like to develop and go from there.


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