I must admit I’m having fun writing this article, because due to the topic matter it does feel a little comical. However, when I think about it seriously, I actually feel like this topic isn’t really covered by any other source that I can think of – so what you’re going to read in here will be in-depth considerations that one should definitely think of when dressing for success – specifically on how to make sure your butt looks good.

Don’t Ignore Your Butt

If you’re reading this, you obviously take some pride in your appearance.  The first tip I can offer you that will help you start to dress to flatter your butt is obvious, yet you’d be surprised how often it’s overlooked – it’s to pay more attention to your butt when selecting clothes and getting dressed.

Think about it: if you were trying to look your best, you most likely wouldn’t leave the house without ironing your clothes or fixing your hair. Not paying attention to how your clothes sit around your butt could be just as important a small detail that if left unchecked, could make your overall appearance look just as sloppy or unkempt!

You might just check the front in the mirror, but don’t forget that everyone else can see your rear!

Remember to Check Your Backside!

Remember, just because you don’t see your butt in the mirror when looking front on, doesn’t mean it’s not easily seen by everyone else you will encounter during your day while out and about.

The solution to this is simply to pay more attention – and the good news is that it requires minimal effort.

You can do this by just giving your backside a glance in the mirror in the mornings just as you would your front to make sure that everything looks normal and neat back there.

If you don’t already have a full-length mirror for this purpose, it may be an investment worth considering.

How to Make Sure Your Butt Presents Well

The number one principle for presenting yourself well is usually fit. When clothes fit your body well, they tend to look the best (the only exception to this is if you’re purposefully going for an oversize or otherwise unconventional look).

It’s all about the clothes you choose to wear.

Because of this we’ll mainly focus on being able to hone your eye to notice clothes that fit correctly around your butt, even when you are moving around – that means trying to make sure you avoid garments that are prone to gaping, riding up, stretching, and/or being too tight in places.

Here are clothing aspects you’ll want to consider that all affect the way your butt looks:


Your top affects the way your butt looks because it usually leads right into it. It’s worth considering the following questions about your tops.

Will your top be worn tucked or untucked? Is it tight/fitted or more flowing and loose? Will the length finish above, mid or below the full curve of your butt? These may all affect how your butt looks.


If the waistline of your bottoms is visible (for example, if your shirt is tucked in), pay attention to if it is high or low, and tight or loose around your hips and butt area. How the waist of your clothing transitions to your butt can have a huge impact on how your butt looks overall as well as impact the way the shape of your butt looks when viewed directly from behind.

A close-fitting waistline that transitions nicely around the curve of the butt can be extremely flattering!


If you are wearing pants then you may also need to consider the fit around your upper thighs just below the buttocks region. The main factor to consider is fit – if the material is tight and fitted, or loose and gaping.

Material/Fabric Type and Style

The material your clothes are made from will have a bearing on things like if you have a VPL, or are looking to be noticed versus playing down your assets.

Material thickness and stiffness bear thinking about as too thin/sheer a fabric can result in unintentionally showing your underwear (the dreaded sheer legging rears its ugly head again!).

Some material types are prone to things like static which can be an annoyance, especially if you are wearing stockings below a skirt or dress.

In addition, colors, patterns and/or embellishments can be selected to either draw attention or downplay it – for example, flashy sequins on the pockets of jeans can draw the eye to the butt, and it’s an age-old fashion rule that horizontal stripes are fattening, while vertical ones are slimming.


Clothing Choices That Consider Your Butt

Various styles do various things for one’s butt – some hide, some flatter, and others may even have a relatively neutral effect. Take your pick!

Flattering Your Butt

The general objective here is to make your butt look it’s very best by emphasizing parts about it that you like, and downplaying parts that you don’t like.

Here’s how to do it: First, identify what you like about your butt. Is it the shape? The size? Its perkiness? The amount of projection?  Once you know what you like – figure out a way to draw attention to that aspect. If there are aspects that you don’t like, for example hip dip, then take note of those too, as you’ll want to down-play these features with your clothing choices as much as possible.

Figure out some clothing styles that will help you achieve your objectives listed above. Below are some ideas to help you get started.

To Emphasize/Draw Attention To Your Butt

Making your butt the centre of attention is something I can definitely give you advice about! If you’ve been working hard on your butt exercises and are ready to show that booty off, then you’re in the right spot. Here’s how to do it:

  • Opt for tops that finish well above or just above the largest part of your butt – form-fitting tops that follow the inner curve of your lower back more will give the illusion of a nicer projection curve around your butt, which can look super sexy
  • Tighter fitting clothing that fits snugly around your butt will show it off the best. It doesn’t have to be skin-tight, but form-fitting works best
  • Depending on your butt shape, you may want to opt for a closely-fitting waistline to show off your curves
  • Know how to make your butt look good in jeans, as these principles tend to apply to all pants in general. If you have rear pockets, make sure they’re correctly positioned and the right size to flatter your butt
  • If opting for A-line skirts, ensure they fit snugly around your hips and butt before flaring out lower down. Figure-hugging skirts like pencil or body-con style dresses may work better depending on your body shape/type
  • Use patterns/ colors/stitching/prints/embellishments to draw the eye to where you want it to go. White bottoms are also good at drawing attention, in my opinion!
Pay attention to where your tops finish and also how tight/figure-hugging they are. In some cases, even a longer top can draw attention to your butt, like in this example.

To Hide Your Butt

If you prefer not to draw attention with your butt, or otherwise keep it out of the limelight, you have a few options. Try things like:

  • Long and loose fitting/oversize tops that end mid-way or further down on your butt (in some cases you may be able to hide it completely)
  • A sweater tied around your waist
  • A-line or flared skirts that flare outwards from the waist and are loose-fitting over your butt
  • Empire line dresses, where the fabric is loose from just under the bustline down
  • Bright or attention-drawing accessories or other items (e.g. jewelry, bag, shoes) that can help to draw attention to other areas
Loose-fitting, draping fabric is the easiest way to hide your butt if you don’t want to show it off.

To Make a Flat Butt Look Bigger

Aside from checking out some of our butt workout challenges to try and build a bigger butt, here are my recommended tips to help look like you’ve got a little more junk in the trunk:

  • Look into butt enhancing underwear. Depending on the design, pads or lifting shapewear can noticeably help boost your butt!
  • Know how to choose a pair of pants that flatter your butt, or specifically try some jeans that make your butt look bigger.
  • Go for tighter fitting tops around the waist area, and form-fitting pants/bottoms in the butt area. A smaller waist can make your butt look bigger by comparison.
  • Don’t go either too tight or too baggy in the butt area with any pants – too tight can compress things, making you look even flatter, whereas too baggy can make it look like you’ve literally got no butt at all! Aim for a nice medium that will show off your figure without compressing.
  • Go tighter in the thigh department – avoid baggy legs. This gives the illusion of skinnier thighs compared to your butt.
  • Slightly higher waistbands give the illusion of a more voluminous behind.
For those with a flatter butt, I’d recommend looking into some butt exercises to try and boost your booty if you are interested!

To Make a Big Butt Look Smaller

  • Shapewear may be your friend here! You can find compression shapewear that helps hold everything in and tighter, this can help make your butt look a bit smaller too.
  • Opt for larger pockets on jeans/pants and a lower waistband.
  • Go for darker/plain colored pants and bottoms. These are more likely to blend in/downplay attention.
  • Distract attention away from your butt by using accessories, fabrics, prints etc.
  • Skirts may be used in conjunction with looser-fitting tops to ‘hide’ your butt.
A line and voluminous skirts may sometimes be used to hide or downplay your butt.

Turn Heads, But Only If You Want To!

Well, that’s all for my tips to you on how to dress to make your butt look its best! I hope this has been somewhat helpful and maybe given you some food for thought. If you do nothing else, I hope it’s to take a few moments to check out your butt in the mirror from the side and behind before leaving the house!

A lot of people do pay attention to their appearance before going out, but I think the number of people who think to check their behinds is low. Hopefully, from now on, you’ll be one of the few who knows how to make sure your butt looks great when you want it to, or knows how to hide your butt by using the right clothing choices if you’d prefer not to draw any attention to it!

Would you usually give any thought to how your butt looks when you get dressed in the morning? If you have any other tips that I’ve missed here I’d love to hear them – as always, leave a comment below to share your thoughts! 

How To Dress Your Butt Well – Clothing Choices Matter!
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