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It’s like the shoulder pads of the 80’s, except this time, it’s for your butt. If you’re anything like me, you may not have even heard of butt-enhancement underwear before! I hadn’t until just a few months back.

To be honest, my first impressions were not that great – I thought the idea of butt-enhancing underwear was a bit laughable and even bordering on embarrassing! However, the more I have thought about it and researched into it, the more my mind has changed for the better.

What is Butt Enhancing Underwear?

First up, what exactly is butt enhancing underwear, for those who haven’t come across this before? As the name implies, it is underwear designed to enhance the look of your butt, and can be either:

  • padded to give you a fuller look, or
  • compression style to give you a tighter, more lifted, smaller look, or
  • compression style in certain spots, to enhance and lift your butt,
  • a combination of both padded and compression, to achieve an overall desired look.

Butt-enhancing underwear works mainly for helping you achieve the look you want by evening out the shape of your butt to a more desirable one.

Of course, you can make changes to your butt’s appearance through diet and exercise, even doing targeted exercises to even out your butt shape, but sometimes you may just want instant results, or a little help to get you that little bit closer to your ideal butt shape.

Don’t underestimate the technology behind these products. Everything from material type, to stitching, to the particular material weave in different areas (which will result in variable stretch rates in different areas of the garment) has been cleverly designed and implemented to create a product that will give you support in all the right places to get everything looking just nice.

Padded Clothing is Nothing New

The idea of padding to enhance body shape is not new, and in some instances, it’s so common now that people don’t even bat an eyelid when you mention it.

Ever heard of a padded bra? They are so socially acceptable these days that there’s not really any embarrassment associated with shopping for them. braWhen you think about it, neither should be there be any embarrassment tied to shopping for padded briefs either.

Similarly, compression or ‘shapewear’ underwear is becoming more and more popular these days, making it a lot easier to browse and purchase.

The Benefits – Instant Confidence!

Let’s look at the pros of butt enhancing underwear;

  • Instant butt-enhancement upon donning these magical inventions!
  • Inexpensive
  • Wide range of product options available
  • Discreet – can be invisible underneath clothing
  • Makes you feel like a million dollars!

The Downsides – Returning to Earth.

  • Not permanent. Unfortunately the awesome butt-boosting effects go as soon as you take them off.
  • The wide range of products available may make it difficult to choose a type if you’re not sure what to buy.
  • Visual appeal. Unfortunately not all of these products are going to be classy lingerie, although some definitely are very sexy, and there are many discreet options available.
  • Comfort factor – again, as some products may not be a traditional brief-cut, wearing these garments may take a bit of getting used to.
  • Possible ridicule from friends and family if they see your padded unmentionables on the washing line. (Maybe it’s only me who gets this one..)

Knowing What to Buy

Okay, so I’ve convinced you into giving these a shot with my smooth persuasions thus far – now what? How do you know what to get?

It can be confusing at first, so do some reading to make sure you understand the difference between padded underwear for women, butt bras for women, padded underwear for men, and butt lifting underwear for men.

My first recommendation would be to check out the product ranges at specialty online stores such as Hourglass Angel, Feel Foxy, and Bubbles® Bodywear. Some of these offer a selection guide to help you choose which type of product you are after, or you can jump right in to start browsing their products and see what is out there!

Bubbles Bodywear

 hourglass angel logofeelfoxylogo_250x92


Knowing your butt shape is essential in helping you to choose the perfect pair of butt enhancement knickers, as you’ll need to know what parts you want to accentuate and which areas you want to play down.

The good news is that you should be able to help correct any of the shapes below using enhancement underwear.

Butt Shapes

Have you tried butt enhancement underwear before, or would you ever? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so drop me a comment below!

Butt Enhancement Underwear – Is it for you?

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