It’s been a while coming, but finally, I feel ready to present you with my genuine Brazil Butt Lift workout review. I started this program a little while ago, and decided to give it a good 30 day trial to answer the question ‘Does Brazil Butt Lift actually work?‘.

I followed the program for 30 days straight. It was not always easy, and there were days I just wanted to collapse on the couch after a long day at work, but I thought of you, the readers, and persevered on!

So first things first. Does the Brazil Butt Lift program actually work?

I can honestly answer this with a ‘yes‘! After the 30 days, my butt looked slightly rounder, more lifted and filled out at the sides, and I swear I had lost some of that annoying love-handle hip fat that just never seems to go away.

With that being said, let me give you what you came here for: my honest review of this whole program, before I get too carried away and digress (as can be my custom).

Brazil Butt Lift Overview

Brazil Butt Lift is a home workout program released by the company Beachbody back in 2010. The below is a short introduction to the product.

The program features 6 different workouts on 3 DVDs, and was created by native Brazilian fitness trainer Leandro Carvalho (Celebrity trainer to Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio), with a major focus to lift and tighten up the butt without bulking up your legs!

You can expect a combination of brazilian dance moves, bodyweight lower-body strengthening moves, as well as Leandro’s ‘signature’ butt-blasting moves to work your booty in this program.

“TriAngle” training targets the butt from every angle. I’m ashamed to admit that I learnt this from the Brazil Butt Lift infomercial, but the butt is made up of three different muscles, and you’ll get the best results from hitting all of them when you work out the butt.Brazil butt lift review triangle

This was the first I ever heard of training the glutes with more than just your standard squats and lunges. The exercises in Brazil Butt Lift were totally unique to me (some of them), and it is a great resource if you want to learn some of the best butt exercises. Leandro is big on hitting the glutes from different angles to really work all three of these muscles.

People Who Will Enjoy This Program

If you’re at all butt-conscious and want a better butt, then you will probably love a couple of the butt-focused workouts from this program.

Honestly, I don’t know why I only discovered this existed (seriously, where have you been all my life?!), but the Brazil Butt Lift workout program is what I’d always been looking for – a workout specifically focused on working the butt so you can get that awesome booty that is going to turn heads.

The marketing is aimed mainly at women, but it can be a great workout for men as well (hey, you get to ogle the babe models for the whole workout video, that’s not a bad deal right?) – and we all know that women like men’s butts too.

Just be aware that to follow this program for the full 60 days, you need to be able to set aside on average 1 hour  on most days of the week, not an easy challenge especially if you’ve got a lot of commitments around the house or with work, but a better looking butt might make it worth it!

What You Get with this Program

Brazil Butt Lift comes in a heap of different packages these days and for this review I have gone into detail on the ‘base’ kit, and the ‘master’ kit which are available on Amazon as well as the Team Beachbody website. I’ve broken down what you get with each package below.

Base Kit
Brazil Butt Lift Base Kit showing all the stuff you get.


The program comes with a bunch of extra stuff, but the heart of the program is the 3 DVD’s with 6 different workouts (and one ‘how-to’ training session).Disc 1 BBL

  • The BasicsDisc 2 BBL
  • Bum Bum
  • Bum Bum Rapido
DVD3:Disc 3 BBL

All the extra stuff that you get is listed here:

  • Booty Makeover Guide
  • Booty Makeover Calendar
  • Fat Burning Foods Guide
  • 6 Day Supermodel Slim Down Plan
  • Yellow latex 2″ x 10.5″ resistance band (beginner level resistance)
  • Tape measure and measurement tracker card
  • Pencil (for the butt pencil test)
  • TriAngle Training Workout flash cards
  • Free online support from T
Master Kit

You get everything that’s included in the base kit plus a bit of extra equipment, as well as two extra bonus DVDS.

Don’t be fooled by the marketing hype – the main part of this program is still just the workout DVDs.
DVD4:BBL Deluxe Extra DVDs
  • Rio Extreme
  • Abs Rapido
  • Uppercuts
  • 2 extra latex resistance bands (2″ x 10.5″) so you can ramp up the difficulty
    • Green = medium resistance
    • Red = heavy resistance
  • Ankle weights (1lb each for a 2lb set)

The Workouts

BBL workout review studioSo forget all the marketing hype that you’ve just seen above, because these workouts are really the ‘meat’ of the program, and the part that is going to get you results.

Firstly, find out which program you’ll follow by selecting the right Brazil Butt Lift workout plan for your type.

All of the workout videos feature a timer down the bottom which shows you how long you’ve got left for the workout, plus a handy countdown timer for that particular exercise. This footer bar is  also where you’ll see the exercise cue text come up.

Brazil Butt Lift camera work cuts between the studio and the beach, which is a great mix-up that keeps it visually interesting.

BBL workout review

While I was doing this program I actually reviewed a few of the workout DVDs separately, so click on the links to check those out if you want more detail. By the way, I’ve ordered these in how effective I found them for the butt (from most effective to least effective).

High & Tight (40 mins) – The main butt-sculpting and toning workout in the series. This one is my absolute favorite, though you need to incorporate a resistance band and ankle weights after a while to keep seeing results. There were exercises in here that I never would have thought of, and they really do work the butt from all angles.

Bum Bum (35 mins) – One of the more butt-focused routines, it also will test your cardio fitness! This workout was a bodyweight routine focused on the butt, with lunges, squats, and of course a few of the ‘signature’ moves thrown in for good measure.

Sculpt (50 mins) – A whole-body toning workout, incorporating weights for resistance. Initially I was disappointed at the amount of butt-work in this workout, but it grew on me over the 30 days. It is a good way to keep up your strength and tone over your whole body, but by itself I don’t think it will do all that much for your butt.

Bum Bum Rapido (10 mins) – I thought this would be a cut-down version of Bum Bum, but it is fairly different, though some of the moves will be familiar. The setting is different, this one is in a New York studio, but it gets the job done in a short amount of time. I found that this one didn’t hit my butt as much as I would’ve liked, as my thighs kept taking over the moves.

Cardio Axe (30 mins) – A cardio dance workout, inspired by Brazilian moves. If you’re not into dancing, you might not like this one, but I found it to be both easy and enjoyable – probably up there as the most enjoyable cardio workout I’ve ever done! As for working the butt muscles though, I found it to be a bit lacking.

Tummy Tuck (20 mins) – Ugh, Ab work! As much as I hate it, this is probably one of the most extreme ab workouts I’ve done, and judging by the crippling pain experienced during the workout, it works. No butt-building to be found in this workout though.

The Basics (20 mins)  – This video goes through some of main moves you’ll encounter in the Brazil Butt Lift program, and steps you through how to perform them with correct form. You’ll only need to do this once or twice, and maybe refer back to it if you need a refresher.

How Much Time Do I Need?

If you follow one of  the four workout plans provided, these will have you working out 6 days a week (sometimes 5, in those lucky weeks that allow for 2 rest days!).

For each workout you’ll need to set aside around an hour, as sometimes 2 workouts are scheduled per day.

This can be a tough commitment to make for those who are time poor or not used to regular exercise, so don’t be unrealistic when it comes to setting aside time for this program.

The Price

While the cheapest place to buy this program (or any of its variations) appears to be directly from the Team Beachbody website, by the time you add in the extra shipping and tax (that they don’t include in the advertised price!), you end up with an amount equal to or slightly more than the retail price on Amazon.

It is a pricey exercise program, so it’s definitely worth reading reviews, checking out the available videos online (there are a few on youtube) to see if this program is right for you before you buy.

If you already have an account I recommend purchasing through Amazon and save yourself the hassle of signing up another account with Team Beachbody. The one advantage of buying through Team Beachbody website is that sometimes they throw in the extra Secret Weapon DVD workout with some of their packages, but I didn’t find this workout to be all that much to write home about.

Brazil Butt Lift Base Kit
[amazon_link asins=’B00337MOMO’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’thebetbutcha-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’77a2d44c-15f9-11e8-9be1-190bb37feb20′]

Available from:

My Opinion: It’s worth it if you can set aside the time to stick with this program for at least 30 days. Be aware that there’s only a couple of the workouts that are really focused on working the butt though. However, if you use them over and over again (which I do) it can be good value for money!


Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe Kit
[amazon_link asins=’B0041HPV6G’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’thebetbutcha-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’9ed1a74d-15f9-11e8-b94f-dbcab6e484d9′]

Available from:

My Opinion: The price jumps up quite a bit from the base kit, and you don’t get all that much extra. The additional DVDs with 3 extra workouts are not overly focused on targeting the butt, but nonetheless are great workouts for the rest of the body.  The extra resistance bands are a nice addition, but you can get a whole set for cheaper. The ankle weights are not heavy enough to add much of a challenge.


There is a lot of sales advertising at the end of these DVDs for more Team Beachbody workout programs and products. Which isn’t a bad thing, but just something to be aware of.

If you like what you see, you might wish to purchase more in the Brazil Butt Lift series. The related products they have listed on the Team Beachbody website are:

Confused yet? Me too. One thing I don’t like too much about Beachbody is their gimmicky marketing, and the 3 different types of ‘packs’ for each of the original Brazil Butt Lift series and the Brazil Butt Lift Master Series reeks of it.

Booty bandsFrom what I understand, the different versions of each series just adds in more exercise equipment (e.g. bands, ankle weights, stability ball, yoga mat, foam roller etc.) or other bonuses, so you don’t get much extra value in terms of new workout material.

I found this to be particularly true of the difference between the base and deluxe kits in the original Brazil Butt Lift product – you get the extra workouts, but none of them are particularly butt-focused, so I was a bit disappointed there.

My recommendation – just get the bare minimum kit so that you get the workout DVDs with the best butt exercises (remember the original reason why you wanted the product anyway?) and get your own fitness equipment separately, it’s a lot more customizable that way.BBL ankle weights

At just 1lb each, the ankle weights provided aren’t going to give you a lot to work with, and I’ve heard mixed reviews about the quality of the resistance bands provided also.


One nice little feature of the Brazil Butt Lift program is access to the Team Beachbody online community, where you can get 24/7 support, find friends and get advice and inspiration.  Personally, I have not used this feature, as I mainly just stuck with the workouts from Brazil Butt Lift, but it could be a powerful tool if you need a little motivation from others to keep you going!Team beachbody community


  • Great program if you need to lose a bit of extra weight.
  • Excellent butt-targeting moves that isolate the glutes without over-working the thighs.
  • Tones up and shapes up the butt.


  • I found that only a couple of the workouts were particularly ‘butt-focused’. (High & Tight and Bum Bum)
  • Medium – long workouts (40 – 50 mins) can make it difficult to keep up with this program each day.
  • Some might be put-off by Leandro Carvalho as the instructor. Personally, I just found him goofy, but others have found him annoying.
  • Some of the moves are advanced or otherwise executed too fast for beginners to keep up.
  • If you’re looking to build a bigger butt, this program probably won’t cut it. Try something like Gluteus to the Maximus instead.

Overall Impression

I really enjoyed the Brazil Butt Lift program, and even though I’ve finished my 30 day trial, I’ll continue to use the workouts so I don’t lose the results that I gained.

Don’t get trapped by the marketing gimmicks on this product though, at the end of the day this product is a workout program that is designed to target the butt, so you don’t necessarily need to go for all the upsell material – just learn and apply the exercises Leandro presents and you’ll see some good results.

Leandro Carvalho's Brazil Butt Lift
  • Presentation
  • Workouts
  • Effectiveness
  • Value for Money
  • Exercises

Jolie's Opinion

It’s a great program, but in my opinion you’re better off skipping the deluxe package and opting for the base kit. The workout DVDs which showcase butt-blasting moves that will hit your butt from all angles are the main strength of this program.

The Brazil Butt Lift Base Kit is available from Amazon. You can check the latest pricing by clicking the image below.

Brazil Butt Lift Workout Review: Everything You Wanted to Know
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4 thoughts on “Brazil Butt Lift Workout Review: Everything You Wanted to Know

  • December 20, 2014 at 4:13 am

    Wooh! Wow man!! Hat’s off! I have never read a better review. You have covered everything! Every single little thing. The use of images and videos makes your review even better! Such a thorough and qualitative review! Bravo!

    Also, nice layout of your website and nice theme.

    Looking forward to read more from you! Best wishes! 🙂

    • December 20, 2014 at 4:18 am

      Thanks Srijan, I appreciate the feedback!

  • January 11, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    Hi. I have the Brazilian Butt Lift DVD and I am confused as to the Bum Bum DVD. It shows the Bum Bum, the Bum Bum Live and the Bum Bum Rapido. When I look at the calendar, how do I know which Bum Bum do I need to do? It only says “Bum Bum”in the calendar but it doesn’t specified which one. I contacted the company 3 times, wasted almost 3 hours for an answer that I never got. They told me to go to the forum and find it myself. I tried, didn’t find it. Thank you

    • January 12, 2017 at 1:08 am

      Wow, can’t believe you got such bad customer service. I would say do either the Bum Bum, or Bum Bum live when the calendar says Bum Bum (I’ve not seen or used the ‘live’ version before but I imagine it’s similar to how you might have a normal version and a ‘live’ version of a song – i.e. the same thing but performed live).

      I do know that Bum Bum Rapido is a cut down or fast version of the workout, so you could do this one as a substitute if you were short on time, but I’d recommend the normal Bum Bum version if you can.


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