Workout planI’m coming up to the end of week 3 of my Brazil Butt Lift exercise program challenge, and after looking back, I’ve only just discovered that I should have paid more attention to the Brazil Butt Lift Workout Plan that was supplied with the program!

The Brazil Butt Lift Workout Plan

Brazil Butt Lift by Beachbody comes with a workout guide that gives you 4 weeks of workouts for each day, depending on which workout plan you should follow.

There are four different workout plans available to choose from:

  1. Combination (The classic solution)
  2. Lift & Shape (The flat solution)
  3. Slim & Lift (The too big solution)
  4. Slim & Shape (The pear solution)

Confused yet? The booty blueprint guide spells it all out for you. If you didn’t already know, there are many different butt shapes, so this part is all about tailoring a workout plan to suit your butt shape, and get you the best results for you.

Determining Your Booty Blueprint

The Brazil Butt Lift program defines a few different types of butts:

  • Too flat or square
  • Too big
  • Pear shaped
  • Combination

Once you pick the one that best describes your butt, you then choose the workout plan to suit.

Combination Plan: The Classic Solution

This workout plan is your all-rounder that will do it all for your butt. It features a good combination of all the different workout routines in the Brazil Butt exercise DVD series.

On average, you’ll be doing two of the workouts each day, so allow at least an hour of total exercise time. Some days may require an additional half-hour on top of this, but you also get your occasional rest days so it’s not all bad.

Lift & Shape Plan: The Flat Solution

This is the plan that I’ve been following for the past 3 weeks, and it’s only now after comparing it to the other 3 plans that I realize that the lift & shape plan is probably the least intensive of the 4 plans. By that I mean you’ll be averaging just one of the workouts each day, and only occasionally doing two or more. It makes sense  – as the lift & shape plan is for flatter butts, there is less focus on the cardio-style workouts, and you’ll more regularly be doing High & Tight, Sculpt, and Bum Bum to try and boost up your butt.

On average you’ll need about 40 minutes to an hour each day to complete your butt-boosting on this workout plan.

Slim & Lift: The Too Big Solution

In the slim & lift workout plan, you’ll find that cardio workouts like Cardio Axe are scheduled a lot more frequently, as this is what is going to assist most in shedding that unwanted weight and slimming down your butt.  You’ll still get your fair share of butt-blasting with the other butt-targeting workout DVDs scheduled for at least every other day.

Your average time commitment on this plan is similar to the Combination plan at a bit over an hour, and you’ll be doing two of the workouts on most days.

Slim & Shape: The Pear Solution

This workout plan is for those who have the classic ‘pear’ shape and may be a bit disproportional and appear bottom heavy. You’ll do a fair amount of sculpting, and top it up with a nice balance of cardio and butt-building.

The slim & shape workout plan schedules you for between one and two workouts per day most of the time, so allow an hour daily and you’ll be fine.

Does it Matter Which Workout Plan I Choose?

Each workout plan will cover you for 4 weeks, and after that time the program recommends that you should continue on with the Combination workout plan to keep your butt looking its best.

If you’ve completed the Combination plan, it is recommended to mix and match workouts by flipping the weeks around in order to continue seeing results.

In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter which workout plan you choose, so don’t feel badly if (like me) you feel you might have chosen the wrong one. You will still see results but perhaps not as drastically. Once you get a feel for which workouts do what (e.g. Cardio Axe is more geared towards all-body weightloss, while High & Tight is designed to build up your butt muscles for a bigger booty), you’ll be able to pick workouts to align with your overall goals, similar to the way these workout plans have done.

You can check out my workout reviews to get a better understanding of what each workout in the Brazil Butt Lift exercise DVD series targets. Once you get a feel for it, just load up the corresponding DVD and you’re all set to go!

Brazil Butt Lift DVDs
The Brazil Butt Lift DVD’s by Beachbody

Ultimately, I think that you can get great results from following the Brazil Butt Lift program, but it can only get you so far. Unless you are constantly making your workouts harder you will eventually plateau.

If you’re doing the Brazil Butt Lift program, which workout plan are you following? Do you think it makes a difference to your results? Let me know by leaving me a comment.

If you haven’t got the program but are interested, check out my full review of the Brazil Butt Lift program to see if this is for you and get the best price.

Brazil Butt Lift Workout Plan – Are You Doing the Right Program?

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