Ladies, if you have a few trouble spots of cellulite, particularly on your lower body, rest assured you are not alone. If you’ve done any amount of searching on the internet about how to rid yourself of this undesirable problem, you may have come across a product called “The Truth About Cellulite” by Joey Atlas. So what is The Truth About Cellulite really all about and does it actually work?

The Truth About Cellulite: Review

I looked into this product more to find out exactly what it is and what you can expect if you decide to purchase this program. You can read my Truth About Cellulite review below.

Truth about cellulite review

The Truth About Cellulite: Product Overview

The product is actually named ‘Naked Beauty – The SYMULAST Method’, but it has become commonly known as just ‘Truth About Cellulite’ because of Joey’s website name and popular cellulite reduction video presentation, which reveals the truth about cellulite and why other methods that you have tried will only ever give you limited results.

The Truth about cellulite Review-Naked Beauty Symulast Method



Name: Naked Beauty: The Symulast Method (a.k.a The Truth About Cellulite)

Author: Joey Atlas

Available at: Online at

Price: $49.95

Naked Beauty/The Symulast method was created purely to get rid of stubborn cellulite through a targeted exercise program.

Targeted specifically towards the fairer sex, this product is a solution for reducing the appearance of your cellulite that really can work, because it treats the cause of cellulite, not just the symptoms.

If you are a woman who has tried nearly everything to get rid of those unsightly dimples, and find yourself getting frustrated that nothing seems to work, then this may be the solution you are looking for.

So How Does It Work?

To get rid of cellulite, we must understand what causes it. Watching the free presentation video explains why cellulite forms – because the underlying muscles grow weak with disuse as we age. This causes a flabby, loose foundation for the overlying skin to sit on top of, which in turn results in the puckering and dimpling that we know as cellulite.what is the truth about cellulite diagram

Specific, targeted exercises with proper form, tempo and sequencing are the secret to getting rid of your cellulite. Joey calls this method “SYMULAST” – short for Synergystic Muscle Layer Stimulation, and it’s designed to strengthen and firm the muscles below your skin, giving the skin on top a firm foundation to lay smoothly on top of as the muscles beneath start to tighten. The result?A reduction of the dimples and shadows we see as cellulite.

Does symulast Really work?

If you follow this method, you can reduce your cellulite with just 3 fifteen-minute workouts per week. Of course, if you’re willing to fight that stubborn cellulite with all you’ve got, you’ll see better results if you can dedicate a bit more time – but you’ll never be looking at anything more than 45 minutes per workout with this program.

The name of the game with the Symulast Method is efficiency, and I like it.

What You Get:

The Naked Beauty / Symulast Method is a digital product. If you choose to purchase it, you get instant access to the private client access area, where you will be able to download the ebooks that will teach you the Symulast Method, and stream the online workout videos that demonstrate the exact exercises you’ll need to do.

Here’s what you get access to in the client area:

  • The main Naked Beauty/SYMULAST Method
    • pdf/printable version for download (7 pages)
    • 2 online video demonstrations that you can follow along to (approximately 15 and 20 minutes)
  • Anti-Cellulite Cardio Guide (3 pages)
  • Personal Cellulite Removal Exercise Schedule (1 page)
  • Long Term Cellulite Prevention & Maintenance (2 pages)
  • Additional home workout videos:
    • Tightly-Toned Arms Routine (7 minutes)
    • Flat Sexy Stomach Routine (8 minutes)
    • Total-Body Toning Method for Women, Levels 1 & 2 (approximately 25 and 30 minutes)
  • Bonus: Dirty Dozen Toxic Skin Killers Report (17 pages)
  • Additional Bonuses:
    • Omega-3 Food and Nutrient Report
    • The 7-Day Back Pain Cure
    • Toxicity in Makeup – Silent Killings for Profit
    • The 4 Best Foods to Eat Before Bed
    • Arthritis Reversed

All of this is accessed online via the client access area, a sneak peak of which looks a little like the below:

client access area

About the Author

The SYMULAST Method was created by Joey Atlas, self-proclaimed women’s body enhancement specialist and personal trainer. In the video below Joey explains why he created the Naked Beauty product, and shows you just one move you can start doing today to combat your cellulite.

Joey holds a degree and masters in Exercise Science and Physiology, and has been helping women around the world get rid of their cellulite for over 20 years.

He also created the Ultimate Lower Body Makeover program for women. This is an older product that looks like as though is was the foundation for the Naked Beauty program.

Several of the same exercises are presented in both products, yet in the Naked Beauty/Symulast Method, the workout routine has clearly been further refined to a more concise and efficient version.

The Good and the Bad

The Good

  • Treats the root cause of cellulite, not just the symptoms!
  • Exercises can be performed with little-to-no equipment, anywhere, anytime. No need for expensive gym memberships
  • Produces results, with a proven system that will work for everyone
  • Manageable workout lengths – you can get results in as little as 15 minutes, 3 times a week
  • Simple, effective and low-impact with straightforward video demonstrations

The Bad

  • Product presentation is not the most professional
  • Video workouts are not overly entertaining, instead they are to the point (no music tracks either, but you can play your own if you like)
  • Not much material. Don’t expect pages of background information (if you are interested, this kind of info is actually available on Joey’s site for free – so maybe not really a negative?)
  • Videos not downloadable – they need to be streamed, so you can’t watch them without internet connection

Who Is Naked Beauty:The Symulast Method For?

It is for everyday women who are frustrated with seemingly permanent cellulite – no, you don’t have to give up all hope and just accept it!

If you suffer from stubborn cellulite on your lower body, and pills, lotions and massagers haven’t worked for you, then this program is worth a shot. It treats one of the main root causes of cellulite, instead of just trying to mask the symptoms like most anti-cellulite products.

Age is no issue, as Joey has had clients of all ages (even into their 70s) have success with this program. The program can be performed in the privacy of your own home with nearly no equipment required – so almost anyone already has the resources to give the Symulast Method a go.

This is an exercise program, so you only will get out what you put in. The exercises are not strenuous or overly difficult, but they are effective. You will however, need to dedicate the time to performing them correctly with excellent form and technique.

You will need to set aside at least 15 minutes a day, 3-6 times a week in order to see positive results within 28-60 days.

Tools and Training: What Is The Truth About Cellulite?

The material presented is short but to the point. Initially, I was surprised that there was no extra background material into what causes cellulite, how to prevent it and the like. I thought I would be learning some crazy secrets about the real truth about celluliteInstead, you just get the Symulast Method: a series of exercises that will combat cellulite on your lower body.

While I thought this was a major downside to begin with, I have since changed my mind. In fact, with a bit of extra digging I found that Joey actually already does provides a plethora of background information about the so-called ‘truth about cellulite’ and why the Symulast Method works in the articles section of his website, and it’s absolutely FREE.

Instead of allowing you to get distracted or sidetracked by reading through reference material, the succinct manual allows you to get straight into actually practicing the Symulast Exercises. 15-20 minutes later, and you’re done with your anti-cellulite workout for the day. Nothing like getting it over and done with right off the bat!

The Program

There are eight main exercises that form the Naked Beauty/Symulast Method routine, and these are all to be executed with precise form and timing/tempo. The exercises are all bodyweight exercises, meaning that no extra weights or resistance equipment is required.

Simple and Straightforward

Initially I was disappointed with the amount of material that came with this product, but I’ve since changed my mind about how I feel about the Naked Beauty/Symulast Method product.

The amount of material presented is not a lot and the main Symulast Method can be summarized in just 7 pages, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s super effective. A long and complicated workout is not always better, and Joey has really condensed the routine to something that is very streamlined and efficient for the amount of time invested.

Low Impact, Non-strenuous

The system is low impact and not strenuous. It is designed for everyday women who just want to get rid of their cellulite. You won’t be sweating out your entire day’s intake of water, but you will feel the burn in your legs. The fact that the exercises are done under control and simple bodyweight also greatly lowers any risk of injury.

Printable Version or Follow-Along Videos

The printable version of the Symulast Method is a step-by-step guide for how to do the exercises, with pictures, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll find it easier to follow along to the video.

You get a iPad version of the workout…

Ipad version truth about cellulite review

…or can follow along to a slightly longer version (the exact same Naked Beauty exercise routine):

follow along Truth about cellulite review


The Naked Beauty printable pdf guide goes through all the Symulast exercises with instructions and pictures. This is a great reference to print out and take with you if you are travelling, or just as a reminder about the sequence of exercises once you have become familiar with them through watching and following along to the videos.

There aren’t that many exercises, so the entire sequence is easily memorized after a week or so.

Truth about cellulite review-Printable manual
Screenshot from the printable Symulast Method guide

How Long Does it Take?

The personal cellulite removal exercise schedule that is accessible in the client access area provides 3 sample schedules that have you doing some form of exercise 6-7 days a week.

Before you get too worried, you’ll only really be spending between 5-30 minutes on exercise per day, which is extremely manageable. I should also note that the main Symulast routine is only prescribed 3-4 times a week, with a few other optional routines thrown in for good measure (if you want to see great results in other common problem areas for women).

Here is a sample of one of the schedules, and it’s quite easy to customize your own.

Sample schedule

Do I Need Equipment?

rubbermaid stepOne of the best things I like about this program is that it can be done anywhere because you don’t really need equipment.

I say “don’t really” because you will need access to a step (between 6 – 12 inches high is a good starting point) to do some of the exercises. However, there are many options here and in nearly all cases you’ll be able to improvise something or otherwise purchase a rubbermaid step quite cheaply.

If you don’t have a dedicated step that you can use, then a sturdy chair, low table, stack of text books, or even a set of stairs if you have access to some will substitute just fine.

Truth About Cellulite Support

You get lifetime access to the client access area, where you will be able to download any future updates to the Naked Beauty/Symulast program. The client access area also has an email address where you can obtain support if you need it.

When you purchase the product, you get lifetime updates, so if Joey goes on to improve and refine the program further, you’ll have full access.

Be aware that the Truth About Cellulite product is not some fancy, professional production masterpiece filmed in a studio. Instead, it’s obviously filmed in Joey’s own home (makes sense, what with it being a home workout program and all). Don’t let the poor production quality fool you though, this is still a system that will work to help rid you of your cellulite, and after all, that is the main goal.


The Naked Beauty Symulast Method retails for $49.95 and comes with a no questions asked 60 day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your results. Since the product is purchased through clickbank, you can rest assured that this guarantee will be upheld, as clickbank is a reputable company which carries its own product guarantees that it is known to uphold.

Initially, I thought this was a bit expensive for what it is, but to be honest – the fact that it works makes it worth its weight in gold (to use the expression – funny/poorly phrased because being a digital product it doesn’t weigh anything! 😛 ). Plus you get 4 great home workout routines that you can use time and time again, so when you compare the price to a fitness class, personal training session, gym membership, or even group workout session, you start to see the value.


Within the program there are a few upsells, most notably in the added bonus products. Most of these will require you to sign up your email and address in exchange for receiving the bonus material, or otherwise only offer just a little taste of a larger product which is then for sale. I would advise not signing up for these if you’re not interested, as you’ll inevitably receive multiple emails trying to sell you more stuff if you submit your email address.

The only direct upsell for the Truth About Cellulite product is completely optional, and is a physical hard copy of the printable pdf manual and DVD version of the online videos if you prefer to have these as physical products (which retail for $70.00). Since you are already a customer, you get a $49.95 discount, so the hardcopies will only cost you an extra $20.05 plus shipping.

truth about cellulite review - physical copies symulast
Joey shows off the physical copies of the program.

Does ‘Symulast’ Really Work?

In my opinion, the ‘Symulast’ method is a bit of a marketing gimmick designed to sound like a revolutionary new method.

So does Symulast actually work? I would have to say Yes. ‘Symulast’ is just another word for good-old-fashioned exercise. The right kind of exercises which will increase muscle tissue beneath fat layers can help to provide support to these fatty tissues if you are consistent.

Although I don’t quite agree with the gimmicky marketing, I must say that I do like the way that the exercises are instructed – the slow and controlled way (or as Joey would probably put it: ‘the SYMULAST way’) of performing the Truth About Cellulite exercises does seem to be one key to their effectiveness.

My Final Opinion of the Truth About Cellulite

Despite appearances and it’s simplicity, at it’s heart The Truth About Cellulite is actually a very good program that can give great results. The price seems high for what you get, but it is a program you can use over and over again – and if you are not happy with it, you can always opt for your money back.

At the end of the day, Joey Atlas has created a product that will tone up your lower body and treat the root cause of unwanted cellulite to get you the smooth, sexy lower body all women want. You only need to put it into practice to see what it can do for you.


You can click on the link below to learn more about the Naked Beauty/Symulast Method program, or if you have any questions about this product, then just leave me a question in the comment section below and I will be sure to get back to you!

===>Click here to learn more about the Naked Beauty/Symulast Method program<===



What is The Truth About Cellulite? A Review of this Product Reveals All
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  • January 31, 2015 at 12:02 pm


    What an awesome job reviewing Naked Beauty: The Symulast Method one of those products that appear as if they could change peoples lives for the better.
    I personally really appreciate the “Science” aspect without all the unfounded hype.
    It shows the situation and explains the cause, then what needs to be done by the serious minded to gain resolution.

    Thanks again, I bookmarked your site for some folks that I know that could benefit from your wisdom, all my best,


  • January 31, 2015 at 12:29 pm


    Waouw, that is awesome !
    I finelly can make helpful exercises at home
    Great article

    • February 1, 2015 at 8:57 am

      Hi Daniella, glad you enjoyed it! It’s great that Joey shows some of the exercises straight up so you can get a little taste!

  • February 1, 2015 at 3:20 am

    Hi Jolie. I have never heard of the Naked Beauty/Symulast Method before today. I really love the way you reviewed this, as you answered any questions I had. It sounds like a good program without the fluff, which is great with me! Cellulite is a tough one to work on, but I am very tempted to order this product. The price is reasonable and I don’t need any special equipment. Definitely beats any product I have tried before to get rid of cellulite!

    • February 1, 2015 at 8:02 pm

      Thanks for your comments Michelle, I try to provide as much detail as I can in my reviews to give people a better insight into what it is they’re actually buying. Not needing any special equipment is a big positive on this product for me as well.

      The way I see it, if you’re going to spend any time at all trying to get rid of cellulite, this is a great way to go – you also get all the added benefits to your body that exercise brings (that those creams and massagers just can’t give you!). Let me know how you go or if you have any other questions – I’d be happy to help!

  • February 3, 2015 at 5:56 am

    This has some of the things I always look for in buying programs, instructions in a pdf and videos of the exercises themselves. That’s a lot of muscles to stimulate in the legs/butt!

    Does this mean I should get my girl to carry me around places, for a helping hand? 🙂

    • February 4, 2015 at 8:29 am

      Hahah, you could suggest it, but I think the exercises in this program might be a lot more practical! 😛

  • April 22, 2017 at 8:15 am


    I appreciate all your help.
    I am not sure if its a bit late to comment on this, since all the other posts were from 2015.

    I was just curious as to how this compares to Belinda Benn’s programmes and if any reviews have been made on this?

    Many thanks! 🙂

    • April 24, 2017 at 10:04 am

      Hi Gi, no not too late at all! I have been so slack lately (well, let’s call it busy instead!) that I haven’t done any reviews for over a year now. But I definitely plan to get back into it! I’ll add Belinda Benn’s program to my list of products to investigate. I must admit I hadn’t come across it before, but it does look well priced from a first glance. It looks like it’s based on the same idea that underlying muscle tone can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, so I’m guessing its a series of targeted exercises. No idea what it’s like though or what you get for your money, so I’ll reserve proper comment until later. Thanks for letting me know about it!


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