Have you heard about the Booty Slide workout system before? A friend mentioned this to me in passing recently. It struck me as a strange name and I had never heard of it before, so I did what I normally do when faced with the unknown – I went searching to find out exactly what is Booty Slide, and is it as weird as the name suggests?

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I found out it’s actually a pretty awesome way to get a great body and butt! I’ll be sharing a bit more about this program, why it is so much more effective than standard exercises, and how you can make your own slide equipment to give it a go yourself at home for free. Yes, it’s a bit different from your standard workout and exercises, but can give great results – I challenge you to try it out for yourself!

The Booty Slide Program- What is it?

It’s a whole-body home workout program which uses ‘slide training’ with emphasis on exercises that target the butt. Hence the name, ‘Booty Slide’.

This program was created by celebrity trainer Rebecca Kordecki, who apart from having a bangin’ body, really has come up with a fabulous idea to work all the muscles of the body with this zero impact workout.

With the Booty Slide program, you get 4 DVDs with workouts of around 45 minutes, Booty Slide booties, hand pads and knee pads. Booty Slide is available from Amazon for quite cheap – less than $20, which is super affordable.

booty slide

To be honest, I was more intrigued by the concept behind this product, and how it can help with building a better butt, so that’s what I’ll discuss in the rest of this post.

What is Slide Training?

Not as fun as this kind of slide, unfortunately!

Slide training is used to describe a way of exercising that involves sliding movements (as opposed to lunging, stepping, jumping etc.). If you watch the video above you’ll see many examples of slide training moves, but one way to describe a classic slide training move is to imagine performing a front lunge but without lifting your feet off the ground, instead sliding them along the ground as you perform the move.

It may look easy, but it’s quite difficult to perform slide moves, and there are so many exercises that can be adapted into sliding movements!

Why Slide Training can be More Effective than Conventional Exercises

Slide training which is used extensively in the Booty Slide program can be more effective than conventional exercises because of the additional demands placed on the muscles involved when you perform these kind of sliding movements.

In my opinion there are two reasons why this is so:

  1. You work more muscles.
    With stepping, jumping or lunging exercises, you tend to contract major muscles in short, sudden bursts, and also rely on balance and momentum to sometimes reduce the amount of work that you need to put in. For sliding exercises, the movement requires more muscles to perform the larger range movement.
  2. More time under tension.
    You need to control and contract the muscles from start to finish of the movement at a constant rate in sliding exercises, and much more stability is required to maintain balance. This means that your muscles are worked over a longer period of time (time under tension is increased, which is what prompts muscles to strengthen and grow).time

A perfect example of the two principles above is to compare a standard (stepping) side lunge to a sliding side lunge:

The Stepping Side Lunge:

While transitioning from the starting position to the lunge, balance on the standing single leg is required before your lunging leg reaches the ground, and we often tend to use momentum created by a sudden push off the lunged leg in order to return to the standing position.

The Sliding Side Lunge:

When you perform a sliding side lunge, you need to constantly control muscles in both the standing and lunging leg consistently throughout the whole lunging movement – no cheating here! You’ll be surprised how much more difficult this makes the move, and at all the little stabilizing muscles that suddenly start to get worked as well.

Want to Build an Awesome Butt?

Why not try slide training? If you’re not used to these kind of movements, they can really get you good results as anything that shocks the body tends to produce great results. If you always stick to the same kind of exercises, you’ll tend to stall or plateau in your progress.

Trialing the Booty Slide Technique

If you want to try out a few slide moves at home first, here’s a way you can improvise your own booty slide system at home for free! Just be careful when starting out and be sure to hold on to a wall, chair or bench while testing out the exercises at first until you can do them with confidence and balance.

You’ll want to know what type of flooring you intend to be working out on, as this will affect what you use to create a sliding effect.

For carpets:

I’ve found that a couple of old plastic DVD case works well for this, preferably ones that you won’t mind cracking if things go wrong.

Remove the DVD from the case, and pad the inside of the case with sheets of newspaper, paper towel, a cloth or the like (this is to prevent the case from buckling in or cracking when you put your weight on it). Close the case and plant a foot on each DVD case, and you’ve got your home-made booty slides ready to rock.

Another alternative is to use any kind of solid plastic that will slide around on carpet, but I’ve found that a thicker object works best as the friction created from sliding on carpet can get quite hot. A timber block wrapped tightly in a plastic bag could work as well. Get creative with what you’ve got lying around the house!

For polished floors:

This one is easy – don a pair of thick, fluffy socks and you’ll be sliding around on your polished floor with ease. The bonus here is that you’ll be basically cleaning/polishing the floor at the same time as working out – now how’s that for productive?socks

Alternatively, you can use a couple of cloths or old tea towels folded into squares. Place each square under a foot and you’re on your way to a booty-slide butt!

Slide Your Butt Better!

Now that you’ve got your booty slide gear, why not try some sliding exercises that will target the glutes for a better butt (like lunges, side lunges, diagonal lunges, mountain climbers, just to mention a few)?

The possibilities are vast, and you can get a good butt workout with this slide technique idea, as slide training works more muscles and with greater control and time under tension. Let me know how you go! Have you tried slide training before? What did you think?

What is Booty Slide? A Novel Way to get an Awesome Butt!
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2 thoughts on “What is Booty Slide? A Novel Way to get an Awesome Butt!

  • January 6, 2015 at 6:18 am

    Interesting concept, I haven’t heard of this sort of thing before. Sounds good how it is taking out the impact of exercises, particularly good for the knees.

    And I thought sliding around on the floor in my socks was just a fun way to get holes in them 😀

    • January 6, 2015 at 9:32 am

      Now that you mention sliding around in socks, reminds me of the dance scene from the movie Risky Business where Tom Cruise makes his sliding entry, lol! It’s worth having a go at these kind of exercises, but fair warning – you might be sore the next day, it’s one of those things that works muscles you didn’t know you had!


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