So I caught a glimpse of my butt in the mirror today. Naked, I mean. It was… confronting, to say the least.

What is it about butts and mirrors? One day they have you thinking, “Daaamn, I’ve got some fine booty”;

…and then the next –  “Oh God, I’ve really let myself go.”


I suspect it has something to do with the fact that we never really see our own bottoms regularly enough. Another big one is lighting, which can either be your best friend or biggest foe.

Anyway on this particular occasion I was headed for the shower and wasn’t particularly thrilled with what I saw.

I wrote earlier about the different types of butt shapes. Mine is a H shape, and if it weren’t for my wide hip bones and stubborn love handles, I’d be pretty close to an A and quite happy with things I think.

Unfortunately, aside from undergoing some kind of surgery, I am stuck as a H shape for now.

What’s worse is I think the back of my hip bones (love handle area) is starting to store more fat as I get older.  It’s actually one of my most hated aspects of my butt, as it creates what I think is a really unflattering shape. Edit: I’ve since found out the name for this condition is “Hip Dip”.

So there was that to come to terms with, and there was also something else that I have always been convincing myself isn’t all that bad, or is hardly noticeable. But let me tell you, it was definitely noticeable today in that mirror. The dreaded cellulite. Woman’s #1 enemy.

I’ve actually got a fairly strong genetic predisposition towards cellulite, if I look at my mum.  I think that’s why today was so scary, because I am starting to see my butt become like hers!

I guess this is just extra motivation to continue on working on my butt – like taking the 7-day butt blaster challenge!

Today’s lesson and objective – get disgusted with yourself, and I mean really disgusted  – it’ll fuel your motivation and cement in your resolve to do something about changing your situation.

This is how I want my next butt-and-mirror experience to feel like:


When’s the last time you checked out your own butt in the mirror? Was your discovery as awakening an experience as mine?

Nakedness Can Be Confronting

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