Today I’d like to introduce you to another great home butt workout program – this one here caught my attention because of the name, but the bit I like best is how it rolls off the tongue ever so nicely (try saying ‘Build-A-Butt’ 5 times fast)! If you’ve found yourself ever wondering how to build a bigger butt, I hope that by now you would have found (if you’ve been reading my site!) that butt exercises are a definite way you can achieve your goal.Build a butt program

‘Build-A-Butt’ is a great product that I found online, that is one such program designed to help you do exactly that – build a butt (maybe for those who feel they don’t quite have one, or much of one). Yes, genetics can sometimes be a cruel master, but it doesn’t have to have the final say in how much booty you really have!

Build A Butt: Product Overview

BAB cover


Name: Build A Butt

Author: Jessica Rumbaugh

Available at: Online from here

Price: USD$27

My Overall Ranking: 7/10



Build A Butt is a downloadable digital workout program (pdf format) which contains a nutrition guide and 6 week workout program designed to build you a better butt, created by personal trainer and fitness model Jessica Rumbaugh.

This exercise program will have you working out mostly 4, sometimes 5, days a week. The 6 week program is broken down into 3 phases, each lasting 2 weeks:

  • Phase 1: Circuit training
  • Phase 2: Superset training
  • Phase 3: Combo workouts

The exercises in this workout program can all be done at home with minimal equipment (more on this later). You’ll find your bodyweight to be a challenge enough, but for those overachievers out there, you may wish to add resistance in the form of either dumbbells or ankle weights.

The nutrition guide outlines how to calculate your Calorie intake requirements and is complete with a grocery list so that you know which specific foods you should be eating. It includes recipes for 3 days worth of different meals as examples which can be replicated, copied or tweaked to create your own meal program for the duration of your 6 week program.

Build a Bigger Butt With the Right Kind of Exercise

This program is all about creating a bigger and better butt, the healthy way – through exercise.

The main way this program works is by incorporating specific exercises with the right level of intensity that will build lean muscle on your tush, while at the same time dropping excess fat from all over your body. The result? A fabulous butt.

What You Get:

Build A Butt is a digital product, that can be instantly downloaded after purchase. Here’s what’s included:

  • Program Guide – 6 weeks to build a Sexy Butt (7 pages)
  • Phase 1 (10 pages)
  • Phase 2 (9 pages)
  • Phase 3 (9 pages)
  • Nutrition Guide (28 pages)BAB everything you get 6 wk

The entire program is a beautifully presented product, which is succinct and easy to follow/reference – so you can say goodbye to leafing through pages on end just trying to work out what exercise to do next!

I particularly like how Jessica has split the program into 3 phases, so just as your body starts to adapt to the workouts, you move on to the next phase. This challenge is in fact what makes the program so effective at creating real results.

About the Author

Jess Rumbaugh1Build A Butt was created by certified trainer and fitness nutrition specialist Jessica Rumbaugh (yes, that is her looking fantastic on the front cover of all her products!), and is an accumulation of all of her knowledge on how to build a fantastic looking booty.

As a personal trainer, Jessica has extensive experience on what works and what doesn’t when trying to get your rear into shape – both personally and through many of her clients.

She currently hosts Live Lean TV for Women and coaches at ‘Team Live Lean‘, and also has created the Live Lean Formula for Women 12 week workout program.

The Good and the Bad

The Good
  • Butt-specific! Because the whole program is solely focused on your rear, you will see results from this one
  • Beautifully presented – each workout is summarized in a single page for easy reference
  • Tempo training gives the correct intensity and time under tension required to grow muscle
  • Multiple-phase training keeps the workouts challenging and your body guessing
  • Bodyweight exercises allow for training at home, in the park, at the gym… basically anywhere that suits your fancy!
 The Bad
  • No specific or detailed instructions on each exercise is a big minus, especially for beginners
  • A few errors were noticed in the number of reps to be completed for some exercises (for example “8 per side” reps specified for symmetrical exercises)
  • Some aspects of the program were not fully explained, for example tempo training

Who Is Build A Butt For?

This program is for you if you’ve ever wanted to improve the look of your butt, without having to resort to drastic and expensive measures like surgery. Of course, you need to be willing to invest the motivation, time and effort required to complete a 6 week training program – but I promise you that the results will be worth it!

Due to the lack of detailed explanation regarding how to perform each exercise, I wouldn’t recommend this program to beginners. Personally, I think it is more suited towards those who have had some experience in fitness training before, and can recognize the prescribed exercises by the summary pictures (and therefore know how to do these moves with the correct form).

That being said, this is a great program and you would be missing out if you crossed it off your list completely due to the above. If you are still interested in this program but are worried about the lack of instruction, it may be worth running this program by a local personal trainer to get some feedback and instruction on how to perform each exercise correctly before you start out.

The Workouts

phase 3 workout
Example of the 1-page workout summary, beautifully presented for ease of use.

There are 6 workouts provided in the 6 week program. During each 2-week phase, you’ll be introduced to two new workouts. Each workout is summarized in one easy-to-reference page, with pictures to help you remember the prescribed exercises.

The downside is that these pictures and the exercise name is the most you get to work off, in terms of knowing what the exercise is and how to do it. For those who are a little less experienced in the fitness world, you might struggle knowing what to do.

Time Required

The program will have you working out 4 times a week, and on the occasional week, maybe 5 times. You’ll get a rest day every 2-3 days to allow your body to recover and muscles to build.

The great thing about this program is that it is somewhat flexible around the rest days, so if you need to reschedule a workout due to something popping up, there is some leeway for shuffling things around. In general though, you need to stick to the 1 day rest for every 2-3 days of working out, and try to aim for 4 workouts a week minimum.BAB workout schedule

Each workout can be completed within around 45 minutes and this includes warming up and cooling down.

Equipment Required

The beauty of the Build A Butt program is that it can be done at home, with minimal equipment – your body weight provides the challenge.

You will need a step for some exercises such as this fitness step from Amazon, or even a rubbermaid step will suffice if you have one around the home. Usually it’s not too difficult to find an elevated surface for free, as long as you have something that will act as a sturdy platform around the home, or even a set of stairs will do.

For those who are looking to step it up a notch, you can make the workouts more difficult by using ankle weights or a set of dumbbells to add extra resistance, but if you push yourself hard with the bodyweight exercises you’ll still get a great workout.

Nutrition Guide

nutrition guide recipes
Some of the delicious recipes showcased.

The nutrition guide contains a brief run-down of how to calculate the number of Calories required and how to estimate serving sizes. Keep in mind that it is just a guide, so it’s not overly detailed.

It does however have some good reference information (including an extensive grocery list) and 9 tasty-looking recipes as an example of the foods you should be eating.

Build A Butt Support

There is no support offered in the Build A Butt program per se, but Jessica Rumbaugh does provide her email address in the program if you want to share progress pics, and will give you a shout out on social media if you choose to share.

I imagine that if you were to contact her she would offer support if you need any advice or help with any of the information in her program.


Jessica’s Build A Butt program sells for $27 and comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee if you decide it is not for you.

For this amount, you get a solid and specific butt workout program which has been developed by a personal trainer – it’s like specialty training and the no-nonsense layout of the workout guides means you get to use the information again and again.


You won’t find any gimmicky upsells or marketing in Jessica’s program, just a to-the-point program that will get you results.

My Final Opinion of the Build A Butt Product

I really like this product and the philosophy behind it (hey, a workout program dedicated to building a better butt? Count me in!), but a major let-down is the lack of detailed instruction for beginners. That being said, once you know how to do the exercises pictured, you’ll rarely need to refer back to the detailed instructions, so if you’re willing to do a bit of your own research into how to do each exercise this is an awesome program for butt-building.

The link below will take you to Jessica’s Build A Butt product page if you want to learn more. If you have any questions for me about my review, then just leave me a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you!

===>Click here to learn more about Jess’s Build-A-Butt Program<===


How to Build a Bigger Butt? Try “Build-A-Butt” – Review Inside!
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    That program looks really good, can’t believe it’s that cheap and comes with all of that.


    • December 9, 2015 at 12:26 pm

      It’s not bad value for what you get!


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