The Booty Maxx butt and lower body exerciser is a piece of home workout equipment designed to improve the shape of your lower body, i.e. your glutes, thighs and legs. In my Booty Max Review, you’ll learn a little more about this product, to see if it will suit your needs.

This product was advertised on TV and is often sold with “as seen on TV” splashed all over the box.  It’s also commonly offered as a sale item on Groupon. However, please be wary of the hype! Do your research before deciding to buy.

Note that the branding of the product is ‘Booty Maxx‘, with the final x in italics, so it’s also just commonly referred to as Booty Max, with just one ‘x’.

Screenshot of the Booty Maxx logo from their marketing images.

Booty Maxx Review – Exercise Equipment

Product Name: Booty Max Multi-Directional Resistance Exerciser
By: Booty Max, available on Amazon
Jolie’s Rating: 2 out of 5

The Booty Max Exercise Equipment: An Overview

This Booty Maxx product is a piece of exercise equipment designed to help shape and tone your body, with a focus on sculpting a better booty through exercising your gluteal muscles. It’s designed to be easy to pack away as well, for use at home.

It consists of a padded stand platform, elevated handle, and resistance band with ankle strap. To use it, the user stands on the platform, attaches the strap of the band around their ankle, holds on to the handle for balance, and kicks back with the working leg to perform a number of lower body exercises that target the glutes and legs.

The main feature is the “Smart Dial Muscle Targeting” system which allows you to set the “Multi Directional Resistance” or MDR of the machine.

The promotional video for the Booty Max gives a good overview of the product, which you can view below:

What You Get

Aside from the Booty Max machine itself, you also get:

  • The Booty Max Workout DVD
  • Exercise Booklet/Instruction
  • A Nutrition Guide

The Booty Max itself is collapsible for easy storage, so you’ll need to assemble it from parts, which include:

  • Handle & poles making up the vertical handle
  • Resistance band and ankle strap
  • Platform base which you stand on

Booty Max Home Workout Resistance Band Training for Making Summer-Ready Toned Bigger Butt, Thighs, Quads, Calves, or Arms (As Seen on Television)

The Good & The Bad

The Good

  • Targeted butt exercises without having to get down on the ground.
  • The Multi-Directional Resistance spools allow you hit the glutes from multiple directions.
  • Convenient! Just attach the padded ankle strap and you’re good to go.
  • The machine is lightweight and folds away for easy storage.
  • Detachable handle for upper body exercises.

The Bad

  • The quality of the product looks really sketchy. A number of people have reported snapped bands.
  • The resistance provided is only light and can’t be increased a lot.
  • The base is quite light and will move around unless you’re standing on it.
  • Only one resistance band supplied.
  • You could probably do similar exercises with a resistance band alone.

Who Will Enjoy the Booty Max Exerciser?

If you are the type of person who prefers to exercise at home in private and want a better butt (who doesn’t?) but don’t know how to do moves that target your glutes – then this product may be for you. It’s also a potentially great piece of equipment to have sitting in front of the TV so you can tone up your booty while watching your favorite shows.

One of the main things I like about it is that you don’t have to do any work to ‘set up’ a band attachment point. Simply attach the ankle strap and you can start exercising right away. It makes it really easy to just do a little bit each day.

Some people struggle with knee pain or other issues when doing typical glute exercises like squats, glute bridges, or donkey kicks.  You can check out some of my suggested butt exercises for people with weak knees here.  This machine could help you if you find yourself limited in this area (but you may only have to stick with the Kickback exercise, depending on your issues).


There are some Booty Max workouts online that can be great for those who have a Booty Max at home. Check out this one with Rosalie Brown for example:

Who Isn’t it For?

This product has been reported by a lot of women to be a little lightweight and the resistance offered by the band is not extreme. You can certainly wrap the band around the dials to increase the resistance, but even on the strongest setting, it’s not a lot.

The Booty Max is designed to be used as light resistance for a greater number of repetitions (as opposed to a very heavy resistance where you only do a few repetitions of the exercise). This means it’s best suited for repetitive/aerobics style workouts, and would be best combined with cardio type movements.

This type of use makes the Booty Max more suited for those who just want to tone up their legs and butt a little, not for those who are looking to really build a lot of bulk/mass to get a bigger butt.

If you do want to build a bigger booty rather than just toning up your lower body, then the Booty Max probably isn’t the best option. In my opinion, you’d get better results by following a more targeted exercise plan, like the ones in the Gluteus to the Maximus program (which specifically focuses on how to boost your butt to its maximum size).

Main Features

The main feature is the “Multi Directional Resistance” which is achieved by two rotating spools that help guide the resistance band from the attachment point, so that you can do exercises in multiple directions.

It’s a nice little feature, but realistically, any anchor point would still allow the band to move in multiple directions too. For this reason, I feel like the “MDR” is kind of gimmicky.

For increasing the resistance, you can wrap the band around the MDR spools once or more – this essentially shortens the resistance band which makes it harder to do the exercise.

The exercise and nutrition guides are good little bonuses, and introduce the basic concepts of nutrition for losing weight/toning up.

Exercise Guide

The Booty Maxx promotes itself for use with 7 simple exercises.

The 7 exercises are:

7 exercises – screenshot of the Booty Max promotional material
  1. Kickback
  2. Hamstring Curl
  3. Outer Thigh
  4. Diagonal Kickback
  5. Inner Thigh
  6. Squat
  7. Calf Raise

While they are good exercises to include, the only ones I really like (for their butt-building potential of course!) with this are the Diagonal Kickback and the Kickback. These will target your glutes really well. The outer thigh exercise can also work for the butt, if done with the right form.




Booty Max Home Workout Resistance Band Training for Making Summer-Ready Toned Bigger Butt, Thighs, Quads, Calves, or Arms (As Seen on Television)
Kickbacks are the best for your butt. Being able to add resistance to this one move alone is what makes the Booty Max look really appealing to me.

I also found it funny that two of the exercises (Squat and Calf Raise) barely need the product – as you can really do these anywhere, you honestly don’t need the machine to do them.

You can also do upper body exercises with the machine by attaching the resistance band to the detachable handle. This will allow you to do moves like upright rows or bicep curls, but they’re really more of a bonus. I personally wouldn’t buy the machine just for these.

Booty Max Home Workout Resistance Band Training for Making Summer-Ready Toned Bigger Butt, Thighs, Quads, Calves, or Arms (As Seen on Television)
You can also use the resistance band for upper body exercises if you remove the handle of the Booty Maxx

Things To Be Aware Of

Some people love this product, and others hate it. It’s really up to you to determine whether or not you think it’s worth it and will suit your needs.

Here are some things to be aware of before you buy:

  • Because it’s so lightweight and portable, it can feel flimsy. Some people say it feels like it’s going to break when they use it.
  • If you aren’t standing on the platform, it can feel unstable as you are pulling the resistance band against just the weight of the base without your body weight to help hold it in place.
  • Many people have reported that their bands broke within a number of usages.
  • There is a weight limit for the platform that isn’t readily advertised.

I also found it a little bit dodgy that the Booty Max website isn’t even around anymore. I guess that just goes to show that they don’t really plan on backing their product that well.

You can also see another detailed review here which includes a full unboxing and how to set up the machine:

Booty Max Vs. Resistance Bands?

I think that if you could just set up a good resistance band anchor point, for example, using a door anchor like this one from Amazon then you really don’t need the Booty Max.  Just get yourself a good set of resistance bands and use the door anchor down low, and you can do all the same exercises.

Plus, if you do it this way, you can get multiple resistance bands of all different grades, so there’s a lot more versatility.

Related products that might work well for this kind of approach are below, or check out my review of Black Mountain Resistance Bands or my guide to using resistance bands to build your glutes.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Does the Booty Max Work?

And finally we come to the all-important question: Does Booty Maxx really work?

Like anything, it totally comes down to how and if you use it. However, it allows you to add resistance to glute-targeting exercises, so if you use it – it’s only natural that with enough consistency you will notice results and some nice changes to your butt. There are also many reviews in the infomercial advertisement that show examples of those who have used it with positive results.

Overall Impressions

After checking out the Booty Max, I have to say that I wouldn’t be buying it myself. I really like the idea, but it seems a bit flimsy and like its poor quality (especially with so many bands being reported as broken by others!).

I do really like it the idea of its convenience though, and it would certainly suit beginners who find themselves not exercising due to the extra effort in getting to the gym or setting up an exercise. With the Booty Max, you just attach the strap and you’re good to go – no fuss.

Would it work? Kickbacks will certainly target and tone the glutes, but there are heaps of other exercises you can do to do this without the Booty Max as well – for instance, all of these lovely butt exercises!

If you’re specifically looking for home exercise equipment to get a nicer booty and wouldn’t be phased by spending a little more time/effort on setting up your workout space, then I’d be recommending you pair of ankle weights and some resistance bands instead. These can be used to boost a butt workout just like the Booty Max would, and I feel like they could be a cheaper and more versatile option – though admittedly, a bit less convenient!

Ultimately, to go with this or not is up the end user. Some people really love working out with it!

Booty Max Review
  • Construction Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Workouts and Extra Material
  • Usefulness/Versatility


While it may sound revolutionary with its Multiple Direction Resistance ability and “Smart Dial Muscle Targeting” system, it really is just a roller that allows the resistance band to move more smoothly.
If you really need the convenience of it, then go for it, but to anyone else, I’d advise giving it a miss.

Booty Max Review (Butt Exerciser) – Maybe Not The Best
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    • January 13, 2018 at 9:07 am

      Hi Charla! It does seem like an interesting idea, but the more I looked into it the less I thought it would suit my needs. I did review another product that I’ve found to be pretty effective at giving a good booty burn though – so you might want to check out my Booty Bands review if you’re in the market for something!

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    I was on the lookout for a buttocks enhancer serum that I could use on a daily basis, & Dermalmd booty Enhancer Serum is exactly what I was looking for. This product has helped me to get more confident about my body, and I feel like it’s made me a better person overall. I’ve noticed that the serum makes my butt look bigger—not just in comparison to other women, but also in comparison to the rest of me. It makes me feel like my body looks its best when I put this serum on!✅✅

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