Resistance bands are one of my favorite pieces of home exercise equipment and I really believe they are a must-have if you want the option to work out at home. I decided to write a Black Mountain resistance bands review because this product keeps popping up again and again as a popular and quality exercise resistance band product. If you’re thinking of purchasing some resistance bands of your own for home workouts, you won’t be disappointed.

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set Review

Name: Black Mountain Products Resistance Bands Set
$29.99 from Amazon
Product Owner:
Black Mountain Products
Jolie’s Rating:
4.9 out of 5black mountain resistance bands review

Overview: Black Mountain Resistance Bands

Black Mountain resistance bands are a high quality, natural rubber band which come in a complete set of 5 different weights for absolute versatility. These come as a kit, which I think is great, because for an extremely reasonable price, you get a fully customizable system. Add this to the lifetime warranty on Black Mountain products and it simply makes for an amazing deal.

The best part about these bands that I simply love is that they can be stacked. The full set stacked together can produce over 70 pounds of resistance!

Not only do you get a full assortment of different weighted bands, you also have the option of using multiple bands together at the same time, to increase the resistance further. It makes not knowing what weight resistance band to get a thing of the past, because you are able to create so many different weights from the one kit.

What You Get

  • Carry bagblack mountain resistance bands
  • Detachable Ankle Cuff (x1)
  • Detachable Foam Padded Handles (x2)
  • Door Anchor
  • Starting guide
  • Exercise chart
  • 5 Different Weight Bands (48 Inch length) Included:
    • Yellow (2-4 lbs.)
    • Blue (4-6 lbs.)
    • Green (10-12 lbs.)
    • Black (15-20 lbs.)
    • Red (25-30 lbs.)


  • Multiple bands provided of varying resistance
  • Stackable option for the bands allows you to add even more resistance as you improve
  • Lifetime warranty on band breakage/damage
  • Accessories provided make for ultimate versatility
  • Lightweight and easily transportable


  • Natural rubber may not be suitable for those with severe latex allergies – they are 99% latex free but do contain trace amounts
  • Only one ankle cuff included in the starter set, but the Ultimate Kit does come with a pair

How To Stack the Bands

My favorite feature of this resistance band set is the way they can be ‘stacked’. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, stacking the bands means that you can attach multiple bands to the same handles (or ankle cuff) to make up a heavier resistance through combining the effect of multiple bands.

Each band has a carabiner style hook at the end of it for easy clipping, so this allows you to easily hook more than one band at a time to the metal loops provided on the handles/ankle cuff.

black mountain hookblack mountain cuffs and handles

I seriously love this idea, and am wrapped with its simplicity! Each of the bands is the same length but provides a different level of resistance, so by combining two or more bands, you can get an increased resistance.

If you choose to stack all five bands together, you can get up to 75 pounds of resistance, and all in a lightweight travel-friendly pack!black mountain resistance bands bag

How To Use the Resistance Band Door Anchor

Another great feature that the folks at Black Mountain Products have come up with is the door anchor.

This is the first time I’d heard of such a thing, but it’s truly ingenious, and I love it!

The door anchor is a flat strap with a loop in one end, and a bead-shaped object sewn into the strap at the other mountain resistance bands door anchor

So how does a resistance band door anchor work? 

This video shows how to set up a door anchor point for your resistance band exercise, and the process is also described below.

Hold the door anchor flat strap against the door frame where you would like to set up an anchor point, with the bead on the outer side of the door. Then close the door so that the flat part of the strap is wedged in between the closed door and the door frame.

In this arrangement, you should end up with a closed door that has the bead of the door anchor strap sticking out on the outside side of the door, and the loop of the door anchor strap hanging out on your side of the door. Ensure that the door catch is fully engaged so that the door doesn’t accidentally spring open.

You can then thread your resistance band through the loop of the door anchor and you’re ready to go!


These are super affordable at just $29.99 for the kit. Plus, with the lifetime warranty on the bands themselves, if you buy a set of these then you will never need to buy another set of resistance bands again. How’s that for great value?

I’ve been in the market for a new resistance band for a while (since mine suffered from perished rubber in certain spots), and was looking at around $20-$30 for a single band in my local sports store. I put this off for a while simply because I wasn’t sure about what strength/weight resistance band I should buy – particularly difficult when shopping online and you can’t ‘test’ out the band by giving it a good pull!

However, with the Black Mountain kit, I don’t have to worry about purchasing the wrong weighted band, because there are so many different options all in the one kit! And it’s only marginally more expensive than the price of a single band that I would be up for if I purchased at my local sports store.

Who Will Enjoy the Black Mountain Resistance Bands Kit?

If you’re into home or outdoor workouts, these bands make for a great addition to your exercise equipment. They are lightweight, portable, travel-friendly, and super versatile. They also make for a tough workout (which is where it counts).

These really are like having a whole-body gym in a bag. So if you do a lot of body weight style exercises at home, adding resistance bands is a great way to supercharge your workout and I think you’ll really love these bands.

Like what you see so far and want more? Check Out the Black Mountain Products Ultimate Resistance Band Set, which is a kit that gives you a few more extras than the standard kit. If you’re really loving these resistance bands, and do a lot of resistance band workouts, this may well be the option for you.

Black Mountain Ultimate Resistance Band Set

What You Get

You get everything included in the original set (mentioned previously), plus:

  • Two extra heavy resistance bands:black mountain ultimate resistance band set
    • Orange (35-40 lbs.)
    • Purple (45-50 lbs.)
  • Extra set of foam cushioned handles (for a total of 2 pairs)
  • Extra ankle cuff (for a total of 1 pair)
  • Extra door anchor strap (for a total of 2)


The ultimate kit costs $45.53 from Amazon.

Personally, the main reason I would go for the ultimate kit is for the extra ankle cuff, which will give you a pair. If you workout with a friend or partner, the extra set of handles is also a welcome bonus.

If you like doing butt exercises like I do, it can be inconvenient to have to change the ankle cuff from one leg to another, so the extra ankle cuff is a great addition. (Okay, so I’m nitpicking here, but it may be a factor if this kind of thing will annoy you).black mountain ankle cuff

The other advantage of the ultimate kit over the standard resistance band set, is that you get the two extra heavy bands – and if you’re serious about resistance band workouts you will no doubt put these to good use as you progress. The two extra bands bring the total stackable resistance up to around 160 lb.


black mountain bandQuality of these bands is top-notch. Any company that offers a lifetime guarantee is one that stands behind their product and this is an excellent indicator that you’re getting a high quality product.

They also wear fabulously, or to put that a better way, they don’t wear! You don’t need to worry about babying these bands as the rubber is a high quality and resistant to damage. Feel free to use them on all surfaces, including concrete, timber and asphalt – these bands are extremely tough and durable.

Also, forget that rubbery smell that you get with some other resistance bands. The Black Mountain bands won’t release any odor generally, so you don’t have to worry about your luggage smelling like rubber if you take them travelling with you.


I cannot recommend the Black Mountain kit enough if you are looking to buy some resistance bands for pumping up your workout routine! They have so many features to love and are offered for a very affordable price – and you get so much value with the stackable bands feature and manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Do yourself a favor and pick up a set of these today.


Black Mountain Products Resistance Bands
  • Construction Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Workouts and Extra Material
  • Usefulness/Versatility


Black Mountain Products have produced a high quality, extremely versatile resistance band kit with stackable bands making it a perfect option for anyone from beginner to expert. Highly recommended product that comes with a lifetime warranty on the bands, this product is also super affordable for the massive value that you get.

You can buy your own kit from

Black Mountain Resistance Bands Review
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6 thoughts on “Black Mountain Resistance Bands Review

  • February 14, 2015 at 7:10 am

    Hi Jolie, I didnt end up on here because I’m worried about how my butt looks, but I was looking for reviews on these resistance bands as I have not been to gym for the last 4 or so months (due to my hectic lifestyle, it’s an excuse I know) so thank you for doing the difference between the standard resistance bands and the ultimate resistance bands. I think the two extra heavy resistance are well worth the price difference. Thanks again for this great article Jolie!

    • February 14, 2015 at 7:35 am

      Thanks Hassan, hope you found the review helpful. This is really one of the best options I’ve found when it comes to resistance bands, and if you have a kit like this lying around the house it’s a lot easier to pick them up and bust out a few sets, even when lift gets busy!

  • February 14, 2015 at 7:21 am

    This looks AWESOME! Like the modern day version of the ‘Charles Atlas Chest Expander’…

    • February 14, 2015 at 7:41 am

      Hahaha, I should have added that to the list of Pros – Looks high-tec! It does look rather fancy especially when you have all of the different color bands stacked. Rainbow!

  • February 24, 2015 at 10:57 am

    I’ve bought a few set of bands in my life and am always worried they will snap, because eventually they do. My current ones are getting some wear now, with one band starting to tear.

    It’s good to see that these have a lifetime guarantee as well, I might have to come back when mine decide to break. I hope you give some exercises on how to use these some time in the future as well, I don’t really use mine for many things (mainly flexibility stuff), hopefully you can give me some ideas soon 😀

    And they are definitely good things to take when you travel. I’ve brought mine to a different country and they weigh hardly anything

    • February 25, 2015 at 7:58 am

      Hey Vince, bands are actually really versatile and can be used for heaps of exercises (mainly upper body, but lower body is where you need to get a bit more inventive!). I especially like the door anchor attachment with these, it makes it possible to do a lot more exercises as well. Will be sure to post some in the future!


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