Here at The Better Butt Challenge we are all about building better butts, but just in case you need further convincing, here are 5 good reasons why you should start working towards your best butt ever today:

  1. Confidence

    We all know looking our best makes us feel our best as well, and when it comes to your booty there’s no exception. Don’t let your butt be out of mind just because it’s out of sight. A firm, tight butt makes for a sexy profile, and when you’ve worked hard to sculpt the perfect rear you’ll be walking around with an air of confidence that you just can’t get when you know you have a saggy butt.

  2. Better Posture

    Did you know that the gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body? The glutes are one of the main muscles in the posterior chain, an often neglected muscle group which plays a major role in posture and stability.  The butt is nearly always underworked because most of us sit on our backsides for the majority of the day. Weakened glutes can lead to muscular imbalances, poor posture and aches and pains.

  3. You’ll attract more attention

    The good kind. Seriously, what is it that makes us humans so preoccupied with butts? Like it or not, men are naturally attracted to women’s rear ends, and a good looking one can get you some serious attention. It may not be limited to the opposite sex either, so be prepared for some admiration/butt-envy from fellow females as well!

  4. Burn more fat (without doing anything!)

    Getting a bigger booty means bulking up those glute muscles until you get the butt that you’ve always dreamed of. The great news? Muscle tissue requires more energy to sustain itself, so having more muscle means you end up burning more calories even when you’re at rest.  Bonus!

  5. Be bikini ready all year round

    You can say goodbye to those alarm bells that start ringing whenever someone mentions an outing that may involve having to pull out the dreaded swimsuit, because if you’re constantly working on building a better butt then you’ll be bikini ready no matter when your friends might spring an impromptu beach session on you!

What are your reasons for wanting to build a better butt? Share in the comments below!

5 Reasons You Should Start Building a Better Butt Today
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6 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Start Building a Better Butt Today

  • November 12, 2014 at 10:47 am


    What a great site you have put together to help folks with their appearance.
    Also very good information on how muscle burns more energy and calories than the unwanted fat so many are plagued with.

    Keep up the great work with your Challenge, my best,


    • November 12, 2014 at 1:18 pm

      Thanks Gary, it’s a simple fact that is a great ‘double whammy’ for shaping your body towards a healthier you, but not everyone is aware of it! I appreciate your feedback – thank you for visiting 🙂

  • November 22, 2014 at 6:46 am

    Hi Jolie, what a great idea for a website! I used to get plenty of butt exercise at the gym but then we moved too far away from the gym so now I walk as much as possible. Not only does a toned bottom look good, it will also be a healthy butt! Thanks for sharing the benefits of a better butt!

    • November 22, 2014 at 7:40 am

      Thanks Alayne, just because you don’t have access to a gym, doesn’t mean you can’t work your butt!
      There are heaps of great exercises you can do from home with no or minimal equipment, check out our Best Butt Exercises for just a few!

  • January 20, 2016 at 12:04 am

    I’ve also heard for athletes that the butt if the muscle that helps their performance. Also I believe that runners can improve their speed with a better butt. ?

    • January 20, 2016 at 10:34 pm

      Agreed, check out any sprinter’s butt (try not to let them catch you doing so of course :P), it’s usually pretty nice looking!


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